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Je Suis Aimee

OMG - two words: Marianela Nuñez. I was watching her Odile/Odette on youtube and was just utterly, completely enthralled and captivated. I couldn't take my eyes from the screen. It's like I was in dance lab - a total 'pay attention and take notes, this is how it's done' moment. What is interesting is that the chreography had far less trickery, say compared to Gillian Murphy's black swan. But her emotional range was so magnificent - it is obvious that the focus was on this, the artistry, the dance. I can't stand when I see dancers with one expression frozen on their face the entire ballet, even if they can do amazing tricks. It's like, are you dancing with your soul, or not??

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I second Marianela Nuñez. Her contemporary work is beautiful. Watch her in Wayne McGregor's "Infra", she's absolutely stunning. That piece moved me so much when I first watched it.



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