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improving arch


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Yesterday I was for my fourth class at my new ballet school.

It is very much fun there, it is great to dance again.


I have been dancing when I was young, I quit over secondary school and now since I'm 20 I again dance. I have been doing some pointclasses at my old school in Belgium, but not that much.

Now yesterday my dance teacher gave me a compliment with saying how strong ankles I have, and if I don't want to take pointclasses again. Well, of course! :shrug:

But even though my ankles are strong, my arch however is rather low. I've always had quite some trouble getting fully on my platforms.


So how can I improve my arch? I've heard pro's and cons putting pressure on the feet, do you have experiences or opinions?

What exercises can I do to improve my arch? I already have this theraband which I'm going to use daily now (stretch and flex my feet and toes separately)


Any other suggestions?


Thanks in advance! :D

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Recently, my feet/arch improved a lot! :)

What I did is I really pointed hard and the right way where you relax your achilles tendon, especially in tendus and degages (I suppose that's how you spell it!) Then, once I learned how to point my foot the relaxed way, I worked from there to make it better.


Also, do you know about "Resistabands" by Gaynor Minden? I'm not sure if it's the same as your theraband. I've been using those and they helped my a lot. I didn't over do it though because later on, my tendons started to hurt so not too much, just a little each day, equal amount on each foot.

(you can go to http://www.dancer.com/store/video.php, scroll all the way to the bottom and that's where they'll be!)


This is what I did, and it did help me!


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I'm sorry, ballet22luvr, but I have no clue how one could possibly pointe their feet the right way without engaging the Achilles tendon. When your foot is flexed or pointed that tendon is engaged. If it is relaxed, there is simply nothing you can do to fully extend the energy from your core down through the leg and out through the foot. That tendon connects the foot to the leg.


As for Resistabands, they are the same as therabands, except the ones I've seen are not as strong.

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Tank you both for your comments,

I have been studying veterinary medicine for a while so I know quite a bit about anatomy, and it is indeed impossible to point your feet without engaging your achillus.

Can you maybe explain what you mean with this?

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I know in the past five years, my arch has increased, and my instep has gotten higher. I know this because my ski boots no longer fit as well. I can't say what did it, but I would suppose it's from working my feet in ballet class, pointe class, and working with the therabands.

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That would be exactly what did it, dancepig. In my opinion, really learning to work and use the feet very, very well, in classes, plus a bit of additional help from the theraband is the best way to do it.

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