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Hi -

I'm seeking reviews of the Ailey School Junior Division; i.e., especially for the classes for students aged 12-15.


I'm seeking to learn info on:

- quality of curriculum and instruction

- size of classes, student to faculty ratio, degree of 'personal' attention to students

- experiences in and reviews of the Ailey Junior Division Summer Intensive


Yes, I've read through the Ailey archives on this board - most of which were circa 2005-07. I'm looking for more recent reviews, with a particular focus on the Junior Division.


Or..if there is another forum/board where I can post this question, please let me know.

Thanks very much.

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I would like to bump this as I am looking for the same info. as irk23.

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This is not the age group you specifically requested information about, but my son does takes their dedicated Pre-ballet/Creative Movement class for boys, Bounding Boys. He likes it a lot. The class size is small, maybe 12-15 boys with several instructors and the whole approach is boy friendly. I highly recommend it.

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