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Have you noticed a difference?


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For those who have just started ballet, what differences have you noticed in yourself, or what differences have other people noticed in you, outside of ballet?

For example, has someone (outside of ballet school) asked you if you do ballet? or has someone commented on your posture or the way you carry yourself? Have you noticed you are more confident in certain things than before? Do you walk different? Are there everyday things that you used to find difficult,but don't since taking up ballet? These are just examples.


Jeanette :) :)

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Guest Sonja

Hi Xena,


good question! I wish someone had noticed my improved posture or whatever... :)

But seriously, since I started ballet, I have felt more confident, especially when I have to do a presentation or speak in front of a group. I feel I know better where to put my hands, for example - although this of course does not mean I hold my arms in classical positions... ;)


Will be interesting to read what others think and say!!

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Guest atti2de

I think all adult beginners have a way to go, myself included, but I think the little things that we can be proud of is what keeps us going. One thing that I've noticed is that my attitude about the whole thing has changed. Rather than pressuring myself to strive for perfection (and thus becoming frustrated), I'm learning to just dance! That was so hard for me at first. I almost got to the point of saying forget it because of some technical difficulties I was having balancing in passe en releve. But now that I've let go of the pressure and am just dancing rather than completely marking, I've found that a lot of things have become easier and things have begun to click! I think I got lost in trying to rush things. It's funny how that happens.


For instance, "pulling up" was foreign to me, but now I understand and have much better balances. I used to developpe at about 85 degrees, now I'm at about 95 degrees. My grande battement a la seconde is at about 120 degrees (I wish I could developpe at 120 :), but maybe in time). I was once asked by a pilates instructor if I danced because I did the pilates style stance completely turned out instead of slightly "toed" out. That made me really happy!



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Xena, good question.


After only 9 months of ballet I have already noticed some differences.


I breath more easily under physical stress (for instance, when I have to run for the bus, or at swords classes). This is probably partly being in better physical condition, but also I think it is because better breathing technique.


Before, I used to lightly sprain my ankles every one or two months, now I haven't had one sprain in 6 months! I don't know if this is due to increased strength in my ankles, or being more aware of how I step.


I also tend to think my posture is getting better, but I'm not sure yet. :)

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Guest Zarafa

Most people have noticed the two stone (28 pounds) I have lost!


Others have noticed that I walk straighter, stand taller, and am generally longer and leaner.


Some are so impressesd, that they have joined my class!

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I have become much stronger and more flexible since I started ballet. I think I have lost some aerobic endurance, though. (I get winded faster and recover more slowly when I run)


I'm also told by others that my dance technique (meaning faster, more controlled and precise legs and feet combined with better balance) has really improved. :)

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Guest patti_r

I find just when I'm doing stretching for things like running or track and field that I can stretch farther and I find myself doing ballet stretches. I guess I do stand a bit straighter and I am more aware of my posture.

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