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February Frustrations


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Just a vent: While life in ballet terms are more or less "looking up", in that I have a few auditions coming up that I'm very excited for, I still have my class-a-day (albeit at night instead of the morning) and sometimes more, I'm getting more performing opportunities than I would have EVER had at my former place of training, and I'm actually feeling CONFIDANT (more or less...) in ballet, which has pretty much been absent the past 1 1/2 years...my only gripe here is that most days I only get one class and no rehearsals. I'm very accustomed to having two technique classes a day plus "peripheral" classes like modern, jazz, partnering or if not that then rehearsals, so most days I'm left with LOTS of excess energy. Especially so since I've yet to find a "normal" job (I'm trying! There's not much out there...). So this excessive energy turns into mainly boredom but at time frustration...


But my PRIMARY complaint/gripe/whine is how OBSCENELY LONELY I am...I've gone from an environment of seeing multiple friends and acquaintances (being similar to my own age and ballet-lifestyle) on a daily basis, to lingering around my house all day, alone, or taking ballet class with people who are friendly though significantly younger than me. Furthermore, any high school or neighborhood friends I used to have are either working or schooling in distant cities or states. So, not exaggerating here, that pretty much leaves me with NO ONE (except my parents...which are cool, at times...but, you know...) to physically hang out with, as well as not having any feasible outlet for making new friends. Hence the SOUL CRUSHING loneliness I have almost daily...and it's always worst at night...


But it IS night now, so I'm probably "whining" more than I should or have rational cause to. I'm pretty sure things will get better eventually, it's just that for the time being it's so...draining...

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