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Too late to go pro?


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There is a girl in my advanced two ballet class. She has amazing technique and oozes feeling and emotion when she dances, you can't take your eye off her when she dances. If she was younger, you would look at her and think 'that girl is going places'.


In New Zealand we do not have the amounts of pre-pro schools like there is in the US, although I think our current schedule is simillar to that of a pre-pro school. So my question is, is 19 too old to pursue a professional career in ballet? I am just curious, she keeps saying she would love to train full-time but she is too old.


Thanks =)

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From what you've told us so far, it sounds as though she's already training for a career. Advanced 2 RAD is a vocational track, and the highest level of that curriculum. Solo Seal is an additional honor, but theoretically not necessary for every student who wishes to go on to employment in the field. Again, theoretically, a successful candidate in the Advanced 2 examination will be ready for entry-level professional employment. What would impede her from pursuing a professional career in the event she passes the examination?

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