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Flexibility of Feet?


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I always thought I had flat and inflexible feet.

They were really hard, like really hard. I think I mentioned before when asking for a correct fit of pointe shoes that there was this one stretch that I did previously (I don't do it now xD) was putting my feet under the sofa, and as mentioned, the sofa gets lifted off instead of my feet going down more. (even if I ask my bro to sit on the sofa, the sofa will still be slightly lifted.)


Everyone in my ballet class know I have the most inflexible feet as they all tried taking turns to press my inflexible feet. xD They never go lower than my usual pointe.


However, in my recent ballet class, we were having body conditioning and my teacher told us to try the foot stretcher.


It worked so well! I could fully stretch my legs and my feet, for the first time in my life, was able to get close to the floor.

The funny thing is that the rest of my ballet mates could not fully stretch their legs, but me, with inflexible feet can. Perhaps my tolerance level was higher? Most likely. xD


Anyway, I would like to ask if that is my potential ability of how far my feet can go even without the stretcher? (it seems too good to be true. xD)

I would also like to ask if the foot stretch is safe as I plan to purchase it.

It is good as usually, when friends press my feet for me, it tends to sickle in, as my friend is trying her best to press it down.

With the foot stretch, I could be sure that I am at the correct alignment and that I would not be embarrased to asking someone to press my inflexible feet.

However, does it really help in improving my feet?


It is a little costly so I have some hesitations, but if it will improve the inflexibility of my feet, I will gladly purchase it.

I recently started the exercises on the perfect pointe book so I am really excited in being able to excel in pointe, and have beautiful feet. :thumbsup:

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Plirae, I'm really sorry, but I do not like devices to work the feet. I feel that YOU have to work the feet by really using them well, and maybe doing extra tendus, dégagés, pas de chevals, frappés, elevés, relevés, etc. As I have said before, I think that using a theraband is good, but I really do not like other devices. I think that that foot stretcher would make any foot look good while the foot is in there, because of it's shape. The device does it for you instead of your own muscles and energy doing it for you.

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