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Boys' Auditions?


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Are there any boys or parents of boys who can comment on what their audition experience was like? Is there any leniency in body type or height for boys? My son is 5'7" with muscular upper body and slight pooch in the middle (no six pack). But, he does lots of crunches.

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I think there is a lot of support for boys in middle and high school, possibly beyond. This year, our first SI audition year, ds 15 years old, has been very good. Acceptances and scholarships across the board. My ds is shorter, also has a bit of a pooch (what a cute word!) that is a result of a slight sway back. He does lots of crunches, but we've found it was more an alignment issue. He's been working on it with pilates and class, and I see that very slowly, he's looking better. You might want to ask his teacher about that. Most SIs are really seeking boys, so it I believe it should be a good experience for your son.

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We know lots of boys that are on the shorter side, lots on the taller side. Sometimes being shorter is actually an advantage in auditions - at least for a while. It's easier to turn, hold positions, etc. For a while. But technique has to be commensurate with age. Competition among boys has grown over the last several years. When it used to be rare for DS to be the only boy in an audition, we now see 5, 10 or even more for any given program. Acceptance of any given body style is similar to that for girls - it depends on the program.

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How old is he?

He is 15 and will be 16 by summer. Had a great SI last year at The Rock. He loved it like crazy and is trying to decide if he will go back or go somewhere else. He has been offered other scholarships. Auditioning for SAB this weekend. I guess I thought I was posting my question in the SAB SI thread. But maybe I created a new thread.

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I moved your post here because the forum you placed this question on is alphabetically organized by SI name. In that forum we have each SI listed as well as a "Who's Going" thread above or below it. The Regular SI thread is dedicated to reviews from the previous year and specific information about that particular program, while the Who's Going threads are dedicated to chatting about who is attending, acceptances, notifications, rejections, etc.


Since you made a brand new topic rather than adding a reply to the SAB thread, I thought you were asking a general question so I moved it out of the dedicated forum.


To start a new thread/topic, you click on the "New Topic" button at the bottom of the page. If you are wishing to ask a question on a particular existing topic (like the SAB thread), you would go into the topic and click on the "Add Reply" button at the bottom of the page.


Hope that helps!

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Ahaaaaa. I didn't know if "Add Reply" was acceptable for a new question. Thanks for clarifying. I learned a lot in the 4-5 hours I was on your site yesterday.

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Very good!!!!!!! :)

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