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Gray (Grey) Footless Opaque Tights for Boys' Class??


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Hello, I have a male teenager starting ballet class. The instructor has informed us that we need to purchase gray/grey footless opaque tights.

Almost everything that I'm finding are either black or white tights & I'm not interested in going through the dyeing process. Which brand(s) offer the tights that we need?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I'm hoping to find something from one of the large dancewear companies. The instructor referred us to a local dance shop that carries a generic brand that feels pretty flimsy. Sincere thanks but the search continues...

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My son has ordered gray tights here:


http://www.tutu.com/dwear_menstights.html - Scroll down to Mirella tights.


The Mirella tights are thicker and not as see-through as the M. Stevens. They are footed, but you can slit the foot and roll them, if your instructor finds that acceptable.



I see that M Stevens has the Milliskin footless tights. Are they really see through? Do you or anyone else have experience with them?



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Have you visited the We Love Colors website? The company sells high-quality M. Stevens miliskin tights in a variety of colors. Yumiko also offers excellent and colorful dance-wear products; though they are slightly more expensive than M. Stevens, they are also thicker and more comfortable in my experience. That said, I wear grey "Mens Footed Performance Tights" from We Love Colors to ballet classes several times a week and they're my favorite pair. Good luck!

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I have not found M. Stevens tights to be see-through.


I've not had any problems with M. Stevens tights either.


Same here, the black M.Stevens is certainly not see thru. However, I understand that the white M.Stevens may be see thru though!

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Tutu.com will dye M. Stevens tights for $7 per pair, possibly less for a batch. That is still cheaper than many others.


A few years ago, I had some fairly short life (6 to 12 months, weekly wearing and washing) from the grey Mirella tights - ripped open at the crotch. I don't know of they've fixed that problem or not - I hope so, they were otherwise fine performers. My M. Stevens have never had a problem, and some of them are four+ years old with weekly wearing and washing.


I've used black, white, and dark green M. Stevens tights. All weighed the same (4.5 oz for the XL size) so I assume they are all the same Milliskin material. The dark colors are quite opaque, but the white ones are really white and I have to wear two pair to be comfortably opaque. I've only done that once; a most wonderful lady my age insists on wearing all white to class between Memorial Day and Labor Day and I matched her last spring - once. :lol:

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OK, I found a pair of custom footless M Stevens tights that are dyed medium-gray & made with the fabric inside-out so that they're not shiny.

Now a question & please forgive my ignorance...



The tights will be worn pulled high over the torso & the socks are long. How are they both kept from going down during lessons?



Thanks again everyone!

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I never had a problem with socks falling down, but for tights I sewed elastic onto the waistband in the manner of suspenders to keep them up. I believe clip-on elastic suspenders are available, but if they're sewn, you can't forget them. :clapping: The elastic should be the same colour as the shirt (or leotard if you prefer) typically white.

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Now a question & please forgive my ignorance...

The tights will be worn pulled high over the torso & the socks are long. How are they both kept from going down during lessons?


get a piece of 1" or 1.5" elastic big enough to go around your son's waist. Sew it or tie it into a belt. Roll the tights waistband over that a couple times to keep them up. You can also use a stretchy belt if you can find one in the store.

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