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Ballets: Alice in Wonderland ballet

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mom2, agreed, it is certainly for everyone! For the mere observer as well as the avid critic. You definitely have a deeper appreciation witnessing it in person.


gav, a brilliant link, thank you for that! Interesting to see some of the preliminary sketches transition to the end result. And I agree, the playing card tutus were very intriguing! I also appreciated queen of hearts' outfit, all of the hearts costumes for that matter with the set was truly capturing.

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Was I the only one who saw the "Ballet Talk Preview" video in gav's link and got excited? :P


Seriously, though, this ballet looks incredible. I saw the Royal Ballet rehearsing it back when they did their live stream, and I kind of fell in love with what I saw of it. I think Ballet in Cinema (Emerging Pictures) is streaming the Royal Ballet's version to movie theatres in the spring. :hyper:

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I've not seen Alice myself, but can't resist bragging that DS had a tiny role in the world premiere and production of Alice at Covent Garden in 2011. He was a final year student at RBS Upper School and many of his colleagues had simlar roles. A great experience, one for the scrapbook, for a kid from the West Coast!

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Excellent moddydave!


regarding the show - I thought there were some differences from the last time NBOC did this ballet, but I couldn't put my finger on it. Thought perhaps I was wrong. Paula Citron from Canada's Globe and Mail shed some light on this. I have to say I really prefer the new 3 act format.



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ballonne mama


DD and I fell in L O V E with this via a few you tube clips. I am off to track it down on DVD. I am unaware of a link from "BT4D" and would like any referral, or credits, or whatever to be linked to this wonderful forum. I am having trouble finding such a link though... I'm sorry! Embarrassing to ask-- but can someone walk me through the process or provide a link? Thanks! :)


OMG!!!!! Next purchase- through the Ballet Talk for Dancers link of course!!!!!!! :yes:

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If you scroll down this page, there is an Amazon search box. Go through that and BTFD gets credit for your purchase. You don't even have to search, you can just click on the bottom black bar of that box.


Also a huge fan of this ballet! This thread is old, but there was a simulcast earlier this year of Royal's Alice. It was fabulous to see it on the big screen!

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ballonne mama

Thanks MelissaGA! Good to know! Now I feel bad about previous Amazon ballet purchases in the past... I will get it right in the future though!! :o)

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Just a note to everyone, if for some reason you can't see the amazon link, check if you have adblock on your browser (I do). You'll need to disable it to see both the zazzle link and the Amazon search box. (I just noticed this the other day and feel a need to share!)

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GTLS Designs

Thank you ascballerina!

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I had the opportunity to see the Royal Ballet preform this live a few years back! It was excellent! I fell in love with the ballet, and especially with the Queen of Hearts! So amazing!

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