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Portland (Maine) Ballet C.O.R.P.S. Program

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I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience with the Portland Ballet's C.O.R.P.S. program. DD is 13 (14 in summer) and we live in Downeast Maine and are trying to look ahead at our options for the future. In reading their website, it sounds like a neat program but I would love to hear from someone who has actually participated or at least has familiarity with the Portland Ballet.

I did look for previous information on BT, if I missed it, accept my apologies and please direct me to where it is!

Thank you!


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My daughter started her ballet training at Portland Ballet and was in the CORPS program. The staff is excellent, from the AD on down. They treat their students with respect and treat each one as an individual. They always encouraged my daughter to pursue her dreams, even when that meant leaving them to move to a residential program. My daughter left Portland Ballet at age 13 to train year round at National Ballet School of Canada. Go in a take a class and meet the teachers, I know you will be impressed. They also do an incredible Nutcracker production.


Maine Ballet

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Maine Ballet

Thank you so much for the information. We will definitely check into DD taking a class when we can make it down to Portland.

Did you find they had a 'style' that was more prevalent?


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One of my dd's teachers was Cechetti trained. The new ballet mistress for the CORPS program was trained at the National Ballet School of Canada(NBS), which has a style of it's own. Her dd is a student at NBS with my dd. Hope you enjoy.


Maine Ballet

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Does anyone have a more recent review of this program? Do dancers get into competitive Summer intensives? I know classes are 3 hrs a day, 5 days a week - how much time is spent en pointe? Is it all one level for the 4 yrs of high school? How many kids are in the program? Is there partnering?


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