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I'm performing next weekend and my costume is a lightweight camisole short top, and booty shorts:) In a quality leotard, I normally go braless, but feel as though the "girls" need a bit of extra help in this particular top. The fabric is a bit thin, and it's not super-tight. I'm a small "B" cup. I saw this at discount dance, and wondered if anyone had experience with it. Seems like the reviews say slippage is an issue. I *will* be sweating. The piece is very athletic.


!. I have some very strong adhesive tape. Could I fortify the garment with this?

2. Is the sizing true-to size? Does this run bigger? Smaller?


Lightweight Stick-On Bra


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Could you try a clear-strapped, clear back bra, like they have available? If the straps are too 'shiny' plastic, you could put makeup over them?

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Yes, maybe that's the safest choice. I detest the way clear straps look, but maybe some makeup would help. The toughest part of the costume is going to be the silver and blue body paint. I have no clue how to apply the stuff to make it look good. :thumbsup:

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I've used the stick on bra's several times, if you get the ones where the whole cup is adhesive and you stick em a little higher to begin with they are usually fine. Take a couple of pairs and put on a fresh set at intermission. Make sure before you put them on you have no moisture on the skin - so a good towel dry first or even alcohol wipes and then towel dry if your skin can handle it.


I'm a C cup, and they run fairly true to size.


I've also used the silicon ones but they are a bit heavy if the leotard isnt tight enough to hold them in. The fabric ones are better.

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I've only used the silicon ones, under day clothes only, never for ballet. I agree with appleblossom that they are a bit heavy and I certainly wouldn't feel secure dancing in them - particularly as I've found perspiration tends to break the adhesion.


I've never tried the fabric ones, and they do sound interesting. But I think the paramount thing is that you feel secure and comfortable in whatever you choose, (you've got plenty of other things to be worrying about during a performance :offtopic: ) so on that basis alone, I'd probably personally tend towards a bra with clear straps.

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Yeah, I hate the way clear straps look too -- especially because they seem to have a 'shine' to them --- but makeup or even some calamine or so might just help to reduce that shine?

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What about (at Discount Dance) the Sansha camisole bra top? It has skin colored, material straps; this might not work depending on how little/skimpy your costume top is.


I've seen fellow dancers wear the stick on bra you described as well for especially skimpy costumes, but have not asked them if they liked it or not, sorry.


Maybe look at Victoria's Secret/Walmart or other lingerie dept. to see what else is available? One time I was doing a jazz dance in a halter top that wasn't lined, so I wore a strapless bra from VS; some of their strapless bra's have a little line of plastic that helps keep them in place. It was a bandeau type bra & not padded so it worked well (wasn't too thick as some of their padded ones are)....again, I don't know if your costume would accomodate this.

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We've tried/use all of the above depending on the costume. If you are modest, I'd skip the rest of this message.


1) Stick on petals or large bandaids - they tend to show through the fabric even though they are thin.

2) stick on gel bra - don't work if you perspire (as someone else said), not great if you require a lot of support but definitely provide a smooth rounded shape. worked great for my daughters last backless costume.

3) nude bra with or without clear straps/ or a nude bandeau bra - this works well for us when controlling movement. I haven't had luck covering the clear strap with foundation.

4) I've read about using nude colored duct tape - some of the comp dancers swear by this but haven't tried it so don't know how much it hurts to remove.

5) if you can add to the costume, you can purchase cup liners at local sewing stores (Jo-anns) and whip stitch them into the top.


At my daughter's last performance she used the petals under the stick on gel bra (in case of major costume malfunction - she is in high school) and added a nude dance bra for pieces/costumes that required extra compression. I think she prefers the gel bra because we don't have to worry about those darn clear straps. As a point of reference she does not require additional support in a leotard and is in the b range.

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Thanks for the advice everyone:) It's good to hear first hand accounts.


I think I'll go the dance shop and try a couple of things on with the costume. The top has spaghetti straps so a halter will not work, although the director is not one to be too fussy about straps showing. The "petal" type of thing is not really what I need. Headlights are not an issue...I'm more concerned about shape and control.


Another option is to maybe just buy a nude colored spaghetti style top a size too small to wear underneath and flatten everything out, like a good leotard would do:)

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I ended up with a padded dance bra with clear straps and a clear back. It looked great under the top (it was a "sexy" ballet). The clear straps worked out fine since my body was painted with silver body makeup anyway.


The only thing to watch out for is the plastic back. The plastic broke the first time I was trying to hook up the back, and I had to rush to the store the next morning for a new one. I ended up needing assistance getting into the thing. LOL!

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