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Does anyone who who the tallest BALLERINA (as in female dancer) is? And how tall is she? When did she dance? Which Company? Any useful links?


Any facts would be greatly appreciated :( <3

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Again with the ballerina thing: It's a rank, and only comprises a very small segment of the ballet population. Dame Beryl Grey was celebrated as a "tall" dancer while she danced with Sadler's Wells/Royal Ballet in the forties and fifties, but at 5'7", she wasn't that tall by today's standard. There have been taller soloists, both before and since. And today's top-ranked female dancers come in all sizes, actually running a bit tallish these days.

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Maria Kowroski is a very tall, lovely dancer. [ . . .] She is a principal dancer with NYCB (a.k.a. New York City Ballet).

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need factual information, not "I heard" statements. : )
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Arianna Lallone at PNB, Principal dancer - she is 6 feet tall.

And, if I may say so, an incredible dancer to watch. I saw her partnered with Karel Cruz recently, and it was like the grown-ups came out to show the kids how it's REALLY done - absolutely stunning to see such long clean lines working together so fluidly and expressively.

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Some companies seem to prefer tall dancers. Eifman Ballet only auditions corps members 5'7" and up so I would imagine the principals are quite tall. Definitely, some of the best ballerinas in the world are tall, in the neighborhood of about 5'9" to 5"10", I would say. An example would be Polina Semionova.

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