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Learning history and styles with YouTube


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Would any teachers care to suggest YouTube examples of the most important styles and most important dancers to familiarize a young student? I would like to know of some that exemplify the most important styles to be able to recognize and most important past and current dancers to know.

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marigold, I moved your topic here because the Teachers Forum is for discussions among the teacher members only. Parents may read, but they are not to post or participate in the Teachers' collegial discussions. :thumbsup:


If you would prefer that this topic be on Cross Talk, let me know and we can move it there.


Hopefully, the teacher members will come along soon to offer their views and suggestions for you. :D

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Things are very scattered online. There is a lot of history out there, and a lot of videos, but there are really nothing like books to learn these kinds of things. To look for video examples you first have to know what you are looking for! Try taking her to the library first. :D

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Okay, lol. Well, if you were giving a project to educate your dancer on ballet styles important to know what would they be? There is a lovely little book we have put out by Dover. I don't know if it's published anymore, but it has the styles of each position illustrated. I guess that would be a good starting point. I just could use some help from some experts who might want to lead me to dancers who exemplify these styles. I pretty much know of the Vagonova and Balanchine examples. I'm trying to put together a little homeschool unit study that has that motivational spark that only a dance topic can give to certain 9th graders! I guess I could have her just spend an hour on one of the BT boards, since there is so much to learn here. :D

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Reading about ballet history would be first, if I were educating a dancer. Then studying technique books would be the way to see the differences, often quite subtle, in styles. The little Dover book is probably Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet. That is very good, but there are no photos, just drawings. Classical Ballet Technique, by Gretchen Ward Warren is much better. Also much more expensive, but, well worth it. There are books on Vaganova Technique too, and also Bournonville.


As for viewing the different styles, I would suggest watching videos of the major ballet companies. There are DVD's of ABT, Royal Ballet, NYCB, Royal Danish Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, and just about any other company of any size.


I know your original idea is to do it on YouTube, but I'm afraid I would find that more difficult. There is too much on there, and most of it snippets or variations. You don't get full ballets, and if you don't know who is who you can end up looking at students or dancers who are not among the better professionals.

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Thank you. We have enough resources with DVDs and books to get started, I'm sure. That's probably a good point about YouTube. And organization is the key.

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