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Ok to go on pointe


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My daughter just phoned me from her studio to say that she got the green light to get pointe shoes. She's so thrilled! She's 11 1/2 and has been feeling it was coming soon for the past half year. Unfortunately, we're in a new city and I can't seem to find a shop that has a broad selection of pointe shoes. She's got a very wide foot and I want to be sure we find the right shoe for her. She has worked so hard for this to come; I can't wait until she gets home to congratulate her!

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It may be time to plan a day trip to a bigger city then. Her first fitting is quite important in that since she's never been en pointe before she'll have no frame of reference. It will be important for her to have a fitter who is knowledgeable and can explain things to her very clearly.


Have her read the Sticky in the Pointe Shoe Forum about "What to do at your first fitting/How pointe shoes should feel".

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Thanks so much. We are in a big city (Chicago), but for some reason I can't find large ballet boutiques like we had in Phoenix. (Just moved here a few months ago.) We ended up at Russian Pointe, which I was a little apprehensive about b/c they only sell their own shoes. But it was a great fitting - 1 1/2 hours long and she must have tried 20 pairs. We got down to a great pair and now she just needs figure out how she can possibly wait until her first pointe class on Thursday! It was lots of fun and I took lots of pictures.

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You chose the right place to go in Chicago!

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We are in a big city (Chicago), but for some reason I can't find large ballet boutiques like we had in Phoenix.


The reason is ... they don't exist. You didn't miss anything! RP is definitely the place to go. It's the only place we've ever had good fitting experiences (in 11 years of buying pointe shoes). So happy for your DD that she's going on pointe AND had a great first fitting experience.

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Thank you Clara and Treefrog; I'm relieved to know that we went to the right place!!

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