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Ballet schools in England - Manchester


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My Great Niece is nearly 6 and lives in Didsbury, Manchester, UK. Her parents have been sending her to ballet/tap classes near their home, but are aware that if she continues they should find a more serious school. Probably when she's about 9/10 if she still likes ballet, they will be prepared to drive further afield, but for now they prefer to stay within a fairly close radius of their home. They would prefer a syllabus school - RAD, Cecchetti, ISTD. Any suggestions will be gratefully received and passed on to them. Thank you

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Hamorah, when I lived in the north-west, a colleague's very talented daughter went to the Northern Ballet School:




and out of Manchester, but commutable, is the Hammond School, which is Cechetti, I think:



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You could go onto Ballet.co (UK based forum), you'd probably get some more suggestions on there.


You can also phone or e-mail the RAD and ask for a list of Registered Teachers in the area - www.rad.org.uk

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"You can also phone or e-mail the RAD and ask for a list of Registered Teachers in the area - www.rad.org.uk"



Do you know what department I need CDR????



I did check Northern Ballet School, but couldn't find any reference to classes for children only for full time older students. I saw an ad in The Dancing Times for Centre Point Ballet School. It's quite new - anyone heard about them?

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You'll find information about searching for RAD classes and/or teachers here http://www.rad.org.uk/04courses/index.htm

Also, the Royal Ballet School runs a year round associate programme in Manchester. Your great niece is a little young yet, Junior Associates start at 8 years I believe, but she would possibly be eligable for next year's audition round.


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I'd agree with the suggestion to go onto ballet.co "Doing Dance" forum - lots of people who can help you there.


She's a bit young to be thinking about much more than finding a good local teacher at the moment - who has good exam results, maybe does festivals, and a caring attitude. Maybe also a school that has had children gain places at RBS/NBT Associates so you know they'll be looking at potential. The ballet.co ers should be able to give you some good suggestions. It's worth going to visit schools (I'd definitely do that after finding the info from the RAD) and see what the "feel" of the school is like. She's really still at the "fun" stage at 6.


Then, as you said, when she's a little older she can start trying for other places - but as has already been said, it'll only be a couple of years until she's old enough to try for RBS associates.

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Following. My DS’s  half sister will be moving to Manchester.   Looking for a reputable ballet school in which he can potentially attend.  Would prefer a strong program for boys with a Royal or Vaganova syllabus. 

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This is an old topic, but the Northern Ballet School is still probably one of the best in Manchester for pre-professional training


In suburban Manchester, you could look at Centrepointe Dance College


The Hammond School in Chester (not far from Manchester) is still going


As is Kate Simmons Dance, in Warrington


Note that these are all highly selective schools in terms of both dance facility and school studies, but contacting them for auditions may lead you to other schools, so you can find the appropriate level and intensity for your DS.


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