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Jessica, we prefer that information like this be shared on the open Board. After all, that's what this thread is here for. :D.

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My daughter auditioned for this program and they said we would find out in a few weeks.

She chose to audition here because it is a relatively highly ranked public university. The academic process was nice - no special essay or recommendation required to get into the Honors College early action.

The Honors Dorm and dining hall are so close to the dance building it would be like walking across a front yard to the neighbor's.

They organized the audition day well and were welcoming. The dancers got a class, Q&A, saw a performance in a nice theater and they organized lunch and then quickly viewed a 2 minute solo of each dancer.

A couple reasons my daughter was interested is because the website indicates an A.B. in dance is available and the Georgia Ballet Ensemble.

When we got there, they said they stopped offering the A.B. and only have the B.F.A. Also, there is no Georgia Ballet ensemble, at least this year, and they did not know about next year. There were tons of ballet pictures up, but it may be that smaller departments rely on one faculty to nurture a ballet program -- or maybe most of their dancers turned to modern and aerial focus.

There were 9 girls auditioning and they came from ALL over - from California to New Jersey to Alabama to North Carolina.

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Any new information?


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