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Residency Programs without mandatory SI Attendance

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Interlochen Arts Academy does not require attendance at the SI prior to acceptance to their year round program and the faculty and staff are very easy to work with. Cameron Basden from Joffrey is the new AD/Director of Dance. My DD is half way through her first year and we think we finally found where DD belongs. If you have any questions feel free to PM me, but I don't have time to log on to the boards often - so if you do try and don't hear back from me, maybe one of the mods could pass my email address on to you.

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Dd auditioned for Pittsburgh Ballet's SI program, was notified of acceptance to their year-round program along with acceptance to their SI in early spring, and PBT did not require her to attend their SI in order to attend their year-round program.

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Im pretty sure Joffrey Ballet does not require it. I was notified of accpetance as a trainee and they did not mention that I needed to come for the sumemr.

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Bossov Ballet in Maine does not require SI attendence. There is a choice to live on campus in a dorm and attend the school, or live with a host family. I am a host family and have enjoyed Dancers who choose both options of attending the highschool, or to home school instead and attend only the ballet program offered during the day and afer school. Call the director and he will answer your questions to see if it is a fit for your daughter or not.

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