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How/where to train post grad


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My DD went on to college instead of pursuing dance after high school. She has been on the dance team and taking only 2 ballet classes a week since August 09. After a return home to see the Nutcracker she always performed in, (and a minor meltdown) she is back in the decision process of pursuing dance again. She auditioned for 2 summer programs that she had been interested in before just to see how she stacked up and got into both. One offered partial scholarship and the other was Pittsburgh with an offer to attend grad program. She has been told by a few of her teachers that if she wants to get back to where she was last year (or beyond) she needs to go to a program like Pittsburgh Ballet’s grad program. My question at this point is can she do it without a program with that level of structure and expense? Could one train at the level of say her local pre-pro studio (ex: six days a week 3 to 4 hours a day) and regain what they had? What or how do the students that don’t get company, second company, trainee type offers do to keep up the training at a level that keeps them in the game for the next time auditions come around?

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Thanks so much for sharing your journey bobbypin. I'm sure your dancer will find a good fit for what she wants and needs. There will not be one pat answer about returning to the home pre-pro and whether that would work or not. It greatly depends on the strength of the pre-pro as well as how graduation has affected the current levels of the school. In all regards, I would still recommend that you find the best instruction you can find within your budget for her.

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Many girls that I have talked to are in competitive college/univ. ballet programs dancing very intensely while they continue to audition for companies. If a Trainee offer should arise, then they will defer their college position to see what pans out.


Now, these are all girls who have completed their ballet training programs and have 'graduated' to that murky in-between place. Dr. Suess calls it "The Waiting Place", which I think is rather apt. :o


I think a good portion of this really needs to come from the dancer, and what she thinks she needs most at this time, as well as what works best for the entire family. B)


Good luck. This isn't easy.

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As the mom of a daughter in "The Waiting Place" (thanks Clara 76 for that!), I wish you and your dd the best of luck. Mine did a post grad program and is now in a BFA college dance program which will allow her to focus on ballet performance beginning in her sophomore year. In between the two, she did train at her home studio and supplement with classes in NYC. It was difficult for her to maintain her technique until she started her college program because of money and transportation issues, but she managed. Another thing to keep in mind is that most college dance programs want you to begin the year in the fall. All of the ones we looked into would not let her start in Jan. My daughter is happy with her training and the best things for us are that she is able to get financial aid and is back on our health insurance. She auditions for companies and will be allowed to defer if an offer comes her way. Until then, we "wait".... :thumbsup: !

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Thanks, Clara, for the good laugh!


"The Waiting Place" ... ha ha ha


My hair is gray and my nails are bitten. I'm sick of The Waiting Place (I can imagine, if I feel this way, how DD must be feeling...)

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Buy yourselves the book!! "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" I'm telling you, it is perfect for this journey.

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In response to Clara76's last post: in the case of our DKs who have lived away from home to train, maybe they should buy "Are You My Mother?" :P

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love Dr. Suess!! Actually, that one was written by P.D. Eastman. I just looked it up. He wrote many of the books that I attributed to Geisel. Interesting. I learn something new every day!!

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