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Where to begin?


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Hi! I am a 13 year old ballet dancer, who isn't very flexible! :blushing:


I have trouble with many areas...back flexibility, foot articulation, leg flexibility (such as splits)


I was just wondering, should I try to stretch each are a little each night, or start with one and then do the others after I have mastered (or close to mastered) the first one. (And if so with which should I begin?)


Also, which is most important?


And finally, does anyone have any specific exercise for these?


Thank you SO much :thumbsup:


(I already have a theraband and take a class like pilates)

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, soccer22dancer. :blushing:


You need to do only the things that you have been taught how to do correctly, and, you need to know when to do them. Things like feet can be worked on at any time, but hip flexibility should be done only when completely warmed up, like between barre and center, or after class. Everything needs to be worked on, but your teacher needs to show you what to work on, and when. If you wait to "master" something, you will wait forever! :o Your goal needs to be continued improvement, not mastery. :)


There is no one thing that is more important. Ballet involves the whole body, and every aspect of it is important.


We do not give you specific exercises because we believe that those need to be taught. You have a ballet teacher and a Pilates instructor. They are the ones to give you exercises. There are no shortcuts in ballet. It is a long and slow process. Patience is an important keyword. :thumbsup:

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OK, thank you so much! I am asking one of my dance teachers to help me with some extra exercises to do at home, and before I will be sure to be completely warmed up. Recently I have been really paying attention to my feet, but I think that is because I can do it any time, like when I watch T.V. I think I am just freaking out about everything bacause I am very nervous for my fist summer Intensive this year! :thumbsup:


Thanks for all the great advice... This is a great website! :)

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Very happy to be of help, soccer22dancer, and hope you will continue to enjoy Ballet Talk for Dancers! We hope that you have a great time at your first SI. :)

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