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Ballet Schools in Belgium


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I am trying to help a military family search for an appropriate pre-pro school, most specifically in Brussels. Since there hasn't yet been a topic for this country or city, I am beginning one. Their move is planned for this coming Spring.

Any thoughts or connections to a school in this area, please?

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The Royal Ballet School of Antwerp is having auditions at our school in Los Angeles on Saturday. They are having an international Summer School and have a strong year round program. Its not in Brussels but may be worth checking out.

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I lived in Brussels as a child and I studied at a small school called Studio Arabesque. It is in Waterloo which is big town south of Brussels. The website is www.studioarabesque.be The owner speaks English and French which was nice for when I first moved there. They don't offer class everyday, so depending on how old the student is that may be a problem. I was 9-11 y.o when I studied there and was in class with older students who were around age 13. When my parents were planning the move, we asked my ballet teacher in the US who was affiliated with RAD and she was able to give us a list of 3-4 schools in the Brussels area. We found that some of them were just too difficult to get to during rush hour as we were living slightly south of the city.



Antwerp would not be a commutable distance if I remember correctly, although they may have boarding options.


I'm now fluent in French and much of my love of the language was developed taking class in Brussels with students who spoke no English. It's a beautiful city, I wish I could go back!

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When there is no traffic, Antwerp might be commutable (45 min), though still quite far. They used to have a boarding school, I'm not sure if they still do but it might be worth checking out as it is the best school in the country.

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Thank you all very much for these resources. I came online today to research whether or not a commute between the two cities would be possible, and here you've already provided the answer! I am happy to be able to provide my friend with two potential schools! It is very possible that they could make the audition in NYC this month, for the Royal Ballet of Antwerp.

Bubblegirl, it's good to know that you have fond memories of your time in Brussels. It is one place that I look forward to visiting myself.

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I checked, and the Royal Ballet School still has a boarding school for their younger students (I think up till 16). The Royal Ballet School is also an academic school, so depending on the child's age, he or she would need to learn Dutch.

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