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Help in Arabesque!


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When I am in arabesque, it seems like my lower back always goes forward, and sometimes seems parallel to the ground, while my upper back is upwards. I don't know how I can fix this, I think it may be because my upper back is more flexible than my lower back, but I don't know many (or any) exercises that focus on the lower back :) . It may also be slightly due to back strength, so any strengthening exercises for the lower back are greatly appreciated!


Thanks! :D

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Soccer, it really sounds to me like you need to learn HOW to do an arabesque. If you are letting your lower back drop that badly, then you are not using your abs, and you are busy moving your upper body backwards instead of forward and upward. Arabesque is a forward movement, not a backward movement. Worry less about exercises for your back and get your teacher to teach you how to place yourself and move your body weight for arabesque.

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I exagatered a little, but it seems my lower back is just less flexible than my upper. After class today I will ask my teacher about my placement!



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Study some photos of professional dancers in arabesque. Look especially at where the head lines up with the supporting foot.

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There are a bunch of photos in a post on this thread: Classical Line?

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