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How to cut costs on dancewear:


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I hope this is alright to post, as I didn't see any stickies that already said anything about it, but I was just thinking how a lot of beginners don't know where to buy their dance shoes for the best price, and sometimes end up spending a lot of money that they needed to save.

So, I've been dancing for several years now and have found many ways to cut costs on my dancewear. I thought I'd make a list of how I do that for you guys, if you are interested. Ballet takes a lot of commitment already without the price of dance clothes, so why pay more than you have to?


Pointe Shoes:

After I've been fitted, the second or third pair I buy online from either of these sources:


Discount Dance Supplies


I make sure I buy the right size that I was prescribed at my fitting. I don't recommend guessing what size you need in pointe shoes, as most ebay stores do not offer refunds on their pointe shoes.

For several years, I bought Bloch Aspirations for $23 a pair on these websites. Some shoes run a little more pricey but still at least two thirds the cost of a walk-in boutique store.

Every once in a while, go back and get fitted again to make sure you are using the right type of shoe. Most dance stores now require a $15 fitting fee, if you are not going to buy shoes from them.


Technique Shoes:

I nearly always buy my flat shoes on ebay now. There are several sellers who will have a price chart posted with their shoes, you measure the length of your foot in centimeters and it tells you what size you need. I have always gotten a perfect fit, and paid $8 a pair.


Leotards, tights, warm-ups, ect.:

I get all these from the thrift store. I can usually find a full outfit for class, for less than ten dollars. For those of you who are picky about wearing used clothing: the thrift store usually has a few new items, especially tights. New tights however, will cost you a little more- a whopping $2 :innocent:



If anybody else has a favorite store you like to shop at, feel free to list it. I think having this knowledge would save our beginners a lot of money if they can learn how to shop for dancewear.


Mods- Any corrections needed, I don't mind.


Re-edit: Ok. I've posted this in an unintentional form three times in a row now, I think. I'm sorry for being so disorganized about it.

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I like to buy things on Ebay as well. I only do Buy it now for new or dead stock. I like vintage leotards, many are elegant and they are totally brand new. I also find new American Apparel leotards at a resale shop nearby. Sometimes I find Danskin tights from years back at Ross, Marshall's or TJ Maxx. I go to costume shops just after halloween and get sale nylon leotards for cheap. I also order from Online Dancewear, they have cheap leotards. I have found that I will buy certain hard to find items from local places, and anything for a performance that I need a few days before, I do try to support the local economy. I have to order my Russian Pointes through the store. I try to buy one thing from each of the stores every so often. I've been meaning to try the Capezio outlet grab bag for $10.

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www.dannyswarehouse.com The website is never up to date. Call and ask and they'll gear you in the right direction or sign up for the email newsletter and you'll know when new things come it. It's one of those newsletter comes in make the call right then places. The price is generally $10 but every now and again he has a $1 sale.

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Danny's Warehouse is great!!! The tights are really great, name brand for only $3-4. He doesn't always list the brand on the site but if you call him he will tell you. Shipping is a little pricey though but if you buy enough it makes it worth it.


Discount Dance has been having a Harmonie sale, really cheap.

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