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Articles: "Dancing across borders"

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Over the summer at NYSSSA (New York State Summer School of the Arts), Olga Kostritzky was one of the main teachers, and we saw the movie as one of our activities. It was so inspiring, especially after seeing footage of Mr. Sar attending NYSSSA. If you get the chance to see it, you definitely should!

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DD and I saw it last night, followed by a Q&A with the film maker, Anne Bass, Olga Kostritzky, and Sy himself.

Wonderful film, with lots of great performance footage of Sy, as well as rehearsals and performances of PNB. Interviews with Peter Boal, Jock Soto, and more!

Most inspiring were the scenes of Cambodian children taking dance class and that country's determination to regain their rich cultural legacy, lay waste by the Khmer Rouge, which as it happens, began its devastating rule exactly

35 years ago yesterday, April 17, as many emotional Cambodians in the audience shared during the Q&A. An extraordinary evening!

If it comes to your city, don't miss it. But if you do, we were told it will probably be out on DVD in August.

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We had a chance to see this last evening, four ballerinas and their moms. A stunning, heart wrenching story. Everyone was moved.

I hope to see good things in this beautiful, talented young man's future.

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I saw it too. The film is not very good in terms of the cinematography but the story is amazing. The young man is very gifted and it was inspiring to see that someone recognized his talent even though he had never done a step of ballet before, and nurtured it.

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Is this available on DVD?


DD is taking it easy following an ankle injury and I think she might enjoy this.

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Sy will be dancing at Manhattan Youth Ballet's Gala on Saturday, June 12.


Other guest artists are Irina Dvorovenko and Maxim Beloserkovsky, Nicole Graniero and Roman Zhurbin all from ABT as well as dancers from Complexions, Company Brice Mousset and Manhattan Youth Ballet.


I believe there are still a few seats left. "A Midsummer Night's Gala"

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