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Hey guys I'm new to the blog, and I wanted to talk about one of my favorite dancers, Carlos Acosta. He has the most amazing jumps I've ever seen, better than Baryshnikov. His Baloune (exuse me if i misspelled), is the one of the best out there. I'm so jealous.... I saw him do 10 pirrouets, to tripple toure, to the knee. My teacher who danced with Carlos as a principal at Houston Ballet might bring him into my school! I'm so exited! I just wanted to write this asking you guys to check Carlos out on Youtube. You will see why I like him so much. :thumbsup:

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Yep! You'll find a lot of people here who agree with that premise. And if you have terminology spelling problems, this is a good place to practice. Don't worry, you don't get marked on spelling here unless it's truly indecipherable, and about the only way really to learn a word is to use it! We'll advise you on the right way to spell things. The quality of floating in jumps is called "ballon", turns done on one leg are called "pirouettes", and if they're on two legs or NO legs, as in en l'air, they're "tours". "Triple" only has one "p" in it.


We're a discussion group here, but if you wanted to blog, our sister site Ballet Talk, which is intended for audiences, has a blog function, but you have to sign up there separately from this board. You have to be at least 16 to be a member there; here it's 13. "Dasa" is pretty distinctive, so I doubt that name is taken there.


Welcome to the club! :thumbsup:

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Welcome, Dasa! Perhaps you know of this book since you are already a big fan of Acosta, but in case you don't, I'll mention it. It's called No Way Home: A Dancer's Journey from the Streets of Havana to the Stage of the World. I confess that I've not read it myself, but the few pages I've seen online at Amazon look very interesting and I hope to read it sometime soon.


Hope you do get a chance to see him at your school!

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I had the great pleasure of working with Carlos Acosta when he brought his own show Tocororo here to the UK a few years ago. I wouldn't say he's my favourite dancer by any means, but his attitude and work ethic are incredible. The amount of work he takes on and how hard he pushes himself has to be seen to be believed, he puts many other top dancers to shame.

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I am a big fan of Carlos Acosta. I am not used to YouTube or MySpace. Please post any interview, dancing performances links here.

Are there any downloadable links of his performances. I want to download as I don't know how to save videos from YouTube.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, Amanda1!


Actually, YouTube is very user friendly, and the best place we know to watch the professional dancers and companies. I don't know of anyplace that you can download the videos, but you most certainly can watch them as much as you like. :( There are a number of very good videos of Carlos Acosta there.

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I've just finished reading this book "No Way Home: A Dancer's Journey from the Streets of Havana to the Stage of the World", and it's wonderful. It starts with his life as a 7 year old, describes his living conditions, the situations he suffered and learned from at his schools and went from there. A great book. And - if you're thinking of purchasing it - be sure to use the link at the top of this page!!

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I want to download as I don't know how to save videos from YouTube.

If you have a pc with RealPlayer installed a little download button will appear on the top right corner of the youtube video. Click on the button and the video will download to your computer.

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Thanks innopac,

Yes I've installed RealPlayer and now able to download videos but once I start downloading, not every video completely downloads. Most of the videos download completely but few stuck in middle of download. Didn't figure out the problem may be net is slow.

Anyways thanks again for providing me easy way to download videos.

I am creating a link database of Carlos Acosta's Videos, Interviews etc. and will share soon if moderators allow me to post links here

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Here is a link to some free software that I use to download and upload videos on youtube. I use this software to transfer youtube videos onto my ipod so that hubby can view them (we're computer challenged at the house).


Free Studio Manager Software

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