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Posting Expectations-- Decorum Expectations and Requirements

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The Golden Rule of the site is that everyone must be treated courteously. We welcome all opinions and do everything we can to facilitate free and open discussion. We firmly believe that anything can be said, but we'd ask you to be careful in how you say it. Please don't post in anger; count to ten before hitting that Submit button. Take a moment to read over your post and see how you would feel if reading the same post to you from someone else.

Unlike other internet sites, we are not a chat board and posts should be limited to the topic at hand. Posts which do not further discussion may be deleted at the discretion of the moderators; they will be deleted if they either push a thread completely off-track, or stop a discussion, or become a dialogue between two posters about personal matters. We'd also ask people to remember that we have members from many countries, representing a variety of religions and political opinions. Please avoid political and religious references in posts.

The purpose of this forum is for the discussion of ballet -- classical and neoclassical ballet, its past, present and future. Posts that are not in furtherance of this goal will be deleted at the discretion of the moderators.

This site may not be used to promote a company or an organization. This rule may be modified for long-time members who are active, regular participants in our discussions. Such judgments are at the sole discretion of the moderators.

Please do not post copyrighted material -- newspaper articles, reviews, chapters of books, etc.  Instead, please post a link to a reputable site to add to discussion.  

Adult Dancer Lives:  The posting of gossip, unsubstantiated rumors, speculations about the private lives of dancers, etc., is prohibited and such posts will be deleted.  When discussing a dancer's performance, please remember that it's quite possible the dancer will see the post. It may be useful to think of this board as a theater lobby, where you can't be sure if the person next to you is the mother of the dancer you're skewering, or if the dancer may be out of eyeshot, but not out of earshot. A good guideline is don't post anything about a person that you would regret if you were stuck in an elevator the next day with that person.

We have several restricted forums in the Teens and Special Groups area. Please read the forum description to make certain that it is appropriate for you to post on a restricted forum before posting. We are very protective of our teen posters and anyone who abuses this board in that regard by trying to get in touch with the teens who post here off board, or who engages in behavior that a reasonable parent or teacher would find offensive or troubling will be blocked from posting.

We've found that things usually run smoothly, and the vast majority of our members abide by these rules quite easily. Our rules have evolved to handle the rare problems that have arisen. On those rare occasions when there is a problem, we notify the poster and advise him/her of the rule in question. We have a "three strikes and you're out" policy. If the person persists in violating our rules and policies past that point [and we do mean violations, not accidents or misunderstandings], he or she will be blocked from posting. For professional spammers or those whom we have reason to believe pose a threat to our young people, it's one strike and you're out.

To read a bit about the people who started this site, click here:


Alexandra Tomalonis

Director, Ballet Alert!

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I happen to be a subscriber to the school of thought that the best way to begin a house demolition is to have a weeklong seminar on ethics in the place. By the end, there won't be an intact window or door in the place, and half the walls will be deplastered.

I was taking some psychology course or other in the Social Sciences building at college, and down the hall, the most enormous shouting and banging about of furniture was heard. "Probably a Philosophy class, talking about Ethics," said my Psych prof. Sure enough, at the break, we checked it out; it was a Philosophy class, talking about Ethics. Busted table, a couple of steel chairs bent beyond all recognition.

When we take on an issue under the color of "what is ethical and what is not", we head over into the area where just tonight I've advised a student to be. In viewing what is "right and wrong" (which is not EXACTLY the same as "ethical and unethical") every writer and reader has to place him/herself into an area of impartiality and dispassion which is not even seen in the Supreme Court these days.

To the writers:

ALL of the effective variables have to be spelled out in language which is clear, concise and does not lead the reader into a foregone conclusion.

To the readers:

Realizing that we are all human, and the above charge may not be followed, attempt to remove emotionalism and charged language when you see it. If you like, become a "demi-moderator" yourself, and self-regulate. E.g.: "Teacher X has just been called a "wretch". Why such vehement language?" You don't need a moderator to try to do that. Any member can call the house to order.

The Administrators and Moderators have all been chosen with a considerable amount of care and we like the way we get along. It must be remembered that this is not a public forum, but is paid for in long hours, sometimes well into the small hours of the morning by in-kind services, and by monetary contributions, which do come from all the subscribers in one way or another. Some send Paypal donations for us to keep open, others order merchandise through Amazon via our masthead banner. We get a little "finder's fee" for each one. This is the house that Alexandra Tomalonis built, and we want to keep it nicely, and while we must not all agree like lambs, we have an obligation to keep our discussion orderly and without personal animosity.

We assuredly care what is right and wrong, and what is "fit to print" and what isn't. We have this board as our clubhouse, and while any reasonable person may register, sometimes the registration doesn't even make it out of manual review by an administrator. No spambots or virus generators. No snakeoil salesmen or ###### factories. These people don't make it to the board, if we can help it, or if they do, they don't survive the first post.

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