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How Important is Age 13?


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I'd just like to offer that my dd only began the SI process as a high school sophomore. Although my pocketbook was happy that she agreed to wait, my hindsight tells me she should have started sooner. It is a wonderful way to experience the world and to get out there and be seen by lots of different schools. The SI is a wonderful peek into the company, and to living in whatever city they are in. That's something you just can't get unless you are there in person.


So my advice is to get out there and go somewhere, there is a lot of information on each program here at BT4D. If your intent in going away is to train and improve strength and stamina, make sure you look at programs that dance more than 2 classes per day. There may be more prestigious programs, but it doesn't matter if you don't come out a better dancer than when you went in. If you are already comfortable with your technique (good for you!!) look at somewhere that you would seriously considering training with full time. It's a great way to be seen by the people who matter. Especially since the trend is that a dancer must train at the highest school level (or trainee level) before being given an apprenticeship. Usually the year round school staff is also around to evaluate the SI students, and you want them as your advocate, they will be casting those showcases!


If you know you are going to college to dance, get out there and see the world as much as your budget allows. There are wonderful companies all over the US, it's also a great time to meet other dancers. There's nothing better at an audition in a strange city that running into a familiar face from summer!!


Good Luck!

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