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Hi All,


I am new here. My DD has been accepted for year round program. She is very interested in attending. We are considering. I was wondering what everyone’s Acadamic chioce is. I am not familiar with on line schools at all. I am not sure it would be suitable for a 15 year old. Anyone has experience on that? Does anyone consider PPAS?

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I have a few friends who have attended or are still at either PPAS and PCS (professional children's school) while shooting TV series or films, performing on B'WAY, or studying at SAB. I know that both schools are committed to giving young artists a good education while making sure to come up with a flexible schedule that allows students to work/train (unlike LaGuardia for example, which doesn't usually allow its students to leave to work). One of my schoolmates is able to attend a very demanding ballet academy and a rigorous private school, so it's definitely possible to get excellent dance training and a quality education in NYC!

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I would highly recommend online school. I am 14 almost 15 and have been online schooled for 5 years and it has been great. The curriculum is just as rigorous or more so than regular school. They make it easy for you to do on your own, and they even have online class rooms. Its great because you can do school anytime anywhere. You don't have to worry because they set it up so you get all the usual credits for high school, and you can do AP classes and you take standardized testing. I have loved it and think it is the best option. Hope this helps!

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I agree that online school options can be every bit as rigorous as classes you can take in public and private schools. I would caution you, though, if you have never taken online classes, or have only taken one at a time, to try it out with the option to return the materials and cancel the service if it doesn't work out for you. A couple of years ago, my dd tried to do a full time online school program - one with a great reputation, so it wasn't the program's fault! - but she found that spending so many hours on the computer daily gave her terrible headaches! She's learned about herself that she's able to take no more than 2 online classes per semester. If you find this to be true about yourself, there are other homestudy options that involve using textbooks and completing projects with little to no time online if that is a preference.

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We have had (and still have) many, many threads on BT4D discussing the benefits, drawbacks, considerations, and pros and cons of various and specific on-line and/or home-school programs.


Discussions on those particular topics should be taken to those threads, so that we can keep this thread focused on this particular pre-pro/residential school. :) I would recommend a simple search on 'on-line' or 'home-school', etc to locate those threads. They willl be found in either of the Parents' forums, Cross Talk, General Higher Ed Discussion forum, etc.

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Hi everyone! Is there anyone here who is most likely attending Gelsey's year round program next year who is looking for housing options? If so, is anyone looking into finding other students to find housing together, perhaps to rent an apratment?


do you know what your doing for housing?

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My dd was accepted into the summer and year round programs. She is only 14 and I am not sure how a parents decides that it is time to send their dd to a year round program. She is currently at another 5 week program, first time away. She is definately capable of handling the dance end of it. After speaking with Mr. Chernov (sp??) I am on the fence now to year round(before I would have said no). Anyone else considering sending dd at this age? Her current studio developed her into the dancer she is today in four years, but if we say no are we turning down even better training/opportunities? This could be an amazing program! UGGGHHH

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We have a lot in common! DD is 14 and also leaving for a 5 week intensive this weekend before doing GKACB in August and has done her home SI for the past 4 weeks. Like you we have had many discussions about sending DD away to a residency program at this age. No one could really tell me what is right for us as a family or DD as a dancer. It is such a personal and individual choice. DD only started dancing 3 years ago and her studio along with great SI's has molded her into the dancer she is today also. It's tough. There is also the whole question of what future plans are being considered. Is your DD hoping for a company contract after high school or would she like to attend a college dance program?


We did not check off being evaluated for year round at GKACB. It requires a little more independence for a 14/15 year old than I am ready to give right now. It was a personal choice for us as a family and DD accepts that. There are other programs that offer year round training without as much big city freedom, but even so, for us, it may be a while before we are ready to let her go. I believe she is receiving good training for now and is receiving excellent SI opportunities furthering her training in the summers. I do believe that we will have to re-evaluate this decision next year to determine if it is still the best decision for her as a dancer and us as a family.

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Jewels Thanks so much for your input. DD does have sights set on a contract. We will have to pursue online schooling so she can attend this SI, which I have already investigated (Indiana University or University of Nebraska - for the few posts who were interested in some input).


We did check off to be evaluated for year round, but never even considered she would be accepted. I have been very honest with them regarding my hesitation/financial challenges. They have been great. Lots to think about. Seems like a lot of freedom for such a young girl, if there were a dorm or a chaperone for year round I would feel more comfortable.


We are still trying to see if we can finance the summer program so hopefully we will see you in NY!

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I'd love to hear how the program is going from some of the current students now that the school year has started. Are you in the new studios yet? Is the schedule demanding? What are your impressions of the program?

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