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Choices: Traineeships vs. Ballet Major in College


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Any words on the relative merits of each of those "after high school" roads? Cost, preparation for joining a company, amount of training, amount that make it professionally, ect., ect. I really want to double major in ballet and pre med/physical therapy , but I don't know if becoming a trainee and doing college classes on the side would be more beneficial. I've read other related threads but they haven't really been too clear. Any advice from dancers who've been there/ done that would be especially helpful.

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Spazzerina--we have several threads focusing on different aspects of questions you've asked. I suggest you maybe start with those and then streamline your questions as the threads relates to what truly has not been answered in them. As an example, we are currently discussing hindsight from those who have made specific choices on this thread: Hindsight


We have also discussed College vs. Company auditions for the high school grad: College vs. Company for High school grad


We've talked about doing College and Company together here: Plan A WITH Plan b


And we've discussed the number of dancers who make it both here: 1-2% and here Brutal Dose of Realiity


There's a tidbit of info on dance and pre-med here: Dance and pre-med


You can see what type of training netted contracts so far this year here: 2010 Trainee, Apprentice & Company Contracts in the "statistics" posts that I have gathered.


It will likely not be clear for you until you are sure which is your Plan A. (Ballet with Pre-Med or Pre-Med with Ballet) Then and only then will you be able to determine if the Trainee or College route is the best for you. Once it comes down to those type of decisions, you may gather bits and pieces of someone else's journey that match yours but they are also a varied as we are members here with choices. After you've read through these, please post on those threads to gather specific information regarding their focus and then if you still have unanswered questions, please do post them in related threads so we can help you further.

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I've read other related threads but they haven't really been too clear.


That's because there is no one, clear, straight-shot path in this journey. Each dancer must find what works best for her and HER specific combination of goals, time-line, opportunities, etc.


Momof3darlings has given you a wonderful synopsis of the current threads going that touch on most aspects of this type consideration. You will simply have to read all those threads, look for the strings that, when woven or knitted together, will create what you wish to create for yourself. Most often than not, the strings that will work best for your purposes may not be the most obvious and certainly are seldom all packaged together nice and neat for you to just pick up and go. Best Wishes! :thumbsup:

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Thank you both!

I think there was a little misunderstanding, I just need to know what these different routes to training entail, not a ready-made plan. ;)

Those threads were very enlightening in regards to possible paths to take after HS. I will definetely consider deferring enrollment, studying part time while dancing, ect. However I do need some help understanding the basics of Traineeships, Apprenticeships, second companies, post- grad programs and college ballet programs. The contributors to these threads all knew what they were talking about but I'm sort of confused. :blink:


Sorry, but I am pretty new to all of this. I've only been training seriously for 2+ years. Although my passion for ballet is newfound, I am adamant about pursuing a professional career. Whether or not I make it, I don't want any regrets. I've been blessed with a great home studio that does RAD exams and a "ballet body." I'll be graduating HS at 17, giving me more flexibility. Unfortunately, my parents aren't all too convinced of my plans and my dad tells me not to "waste my intellect" and pursue a four-year degree. :thumbsup: I know I can always pursue college later, but the question remains how to pursue training after HS. I know I will probably not be company ready right after HS, given my late start.


It would be very helpful to know the basics of Traineeships, Apprenticeships, second companies, post- grad programs and college ballet programs. As far as i've read, it seems that Traineeships offer greater chance of being in a company (?) but I'm not too clear about what Apprenticeships and post-grad programs entail. If I could get some basic info on these, It would be easier to formulate a "plan B" and see how higher education could fit in.


My main questions:

a) The difference between Traineeships, Apprenticeships, second companies, post- grad programs

B) which method of training produces more professional dancers?

c) Is it near impossible to go from a ballet degree at a college like Indiana University directly into a company? The general consensus seems to be that Traineeship cannot be bypassed.

d) It seems that the most common approach is to take a few college classes at a time while dancing full-time, right?

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I think we are on the same page, but we are telling you that the information is here for you to read and discover from. If you look at the thread I mentioned above that is the 2010 Company Contract thread (or the 2009 one for that matter) you will clearly see that no one method of training produces more professional dancers. The come from all different paths and all different types of schools. Some went straight from high school, others did a post grad program somewhere, and still others went overseas for training to see what might happen if they did. All that is listed in the statistics. The problem is that it is not a clear cookie cutter answer. So far, we are outlining about 15 dancers with contracts and so far there are about 13 different paths. Again, while I've explained what I mean, the information was there in that thread.


In terms of the differences between the programs you might read: Differences and Similarities or here: Trainee/Apprentice Just the Facts


It sounds like to me that in addition to asking questions you need to take a little time to thumb through the titles on the Career and Higher Education forum as well as the Trainee/Apprentice General Discussion forum. In just a few short minutes of finding the threads I've linked to here, I saw about 5-6 others that I thought "she should read this one and this one and this one..............."

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Don't worry, you will get better at searching. But in the meantime, the Career General Discussion forum and the Trainee/Apprentice forums are not so large that you can't just go to them and look down the titles just as easily page by page. If you use the options on the bottom of your page while there you can change the viewing from last post to alphabetical to help out.

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