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I know this is probably a dumb question but... I was told by my teacher I have good feet, not sure what this means , any help would be appreciated, just hope this is in the right forum..


thank you in advance!

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Welcome, to Ballet Talk for Dancers, AIC04. I'm moving your query to the technique forum for Adult Ballet Students, where Teacher Moderators answer our technical queries.


I've never been told I have good feet -- mine are wide & not very high arched, and the flexibility in my toes isn't great. That's generally what I think teachers mean when they comment on students' "good feet." But I have been told that I make good use of my feet, as I was taught by one teacher in particular to really work through my metatarsals in tendus and glissés, and to use the floor. We can all do that, whether or not we were born with the genetic advantage of "dancer's feet."

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Yes, AIC, the USE of the feet is critical, but, good feet to start with is definitely an asset. Good feet are usually considered those with high arches and insteps, and good flexibility in the ankle. Check out the professional company websites for photos of dancers with good feet. :blushing:

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Thank you:). I'll look at the photos as you suggested.

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AIC, good feet allows a dancer to stay en relever much more easier than those with different feet, count your blessings!

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