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Is 33 to old for RAD Grade 5 exams


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Hi all,

I am 33 year old and am starting back ballet and will like to know if I am to old to do the RAD garde 5 exams and if not how long will i need to train to do the exams. I started dance at age 3 and stop and age 22. And between 22 and now i gain a few pounds . But i am back to training and working out and i love ballet so am back in classes . But just need to know if i should do grade 5 exams or is there someother exam i should look at taking.

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Guest Matti18

Well in theory, you can only be too young to take RAD exams, not too old, and the minimum age for RAD Grade 5 is 7, saying that, many RAD schools have exam classes for children/teens and not for adults. So, first hurdle would be finding a school which will allow you to take the syllabus classes, as to how long it will take I have no idea, I have just started Grade 5 so not sure of half the work required, however it is a fun grade (so far) and I am enjoying it, hopefully you will too :D Other exams, well I do the RAD vocational grades alongside my graded classes, that's fun, and a lot more 'technical' which I like. But it's really up to you.


Hope I helped a bit, I am writing from the UK so things may be different in other countries, information regarding age was from the Royal Academy of Dance website (Exam board: Graded exams syllabus section) http://www.rad.org.uk/05exams/051graded.htm



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