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I am currently taking ballet classes 5 (sometimes 6) days a week. I began training at a very small ballet school where there are less that 9 students in the class, which I kind of like because I can get attention and it's kinda nice to have a small class. Because that studio just started up, they do not have very many classes available to take, so I started at another dance studio. My teacher from my first studio knew the director of this dance studio and highly reccomended it to me so I enrolled there. I like taking classes there. I have been taking classes at this 'new' studio for a few months now. My two ballet teachers seemed to be happy to be kinda "sharing" me. But now one teacher will instruct me to do a step one way and the other teacher will like it the other way. Then they get mad (or maybe just frustrated) when I do a step the other teacher's way. Usually one of them will ask why I am doing it that way and (although I know I probably shouldn't mention a diffferent teacher in their class) I say that the other teacher instructed me to do the step that way. I think there is a slight difference in the technique the two teach, but not much. However it's becoming kinda confusing and frustrating going back and forth of ways to do my technique. I don't know if this is helping or hurting.


Any suggestions??



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Since your teachers both know that you are studying with two different people, I think it would be best to discuss it with them. Usually the differences are not huge, and one can learn to do things more than one way, but I know that you have not had a whole lot of training yet and might have difficulty with that. I would suggest talking to your first teacher about this, and asking for her advice on how to handle it. :thumbsup:

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