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Uneven turnout


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so as the title says i have uneven turnout in my hips. my right side can turn out to 90 degrees and my left can turn out to about 70 degrees. my hips are aligned and everything but i was just curious as to how i could fix this/ correct this. i have talked to some doctors about it and were not sure if it is a genetic problem (where one hip socket is more deep than the other) or a musclecular problem. im just worried that this will affect what i do and limit me and i just wanted thoughts opinions and helpful suggestions to help fix this problem or at least provide more insight to the problem.


P.S. is this common among other dancers???

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Ballet-dude, I think that most everyone has some differences in everything related to one side or the other. We are not symmetrical! :thumbsup: Most all dancers have a better foot, a leg that goes higher, and yes, better rotation on one side than the other. Basically, you just have to work harder on the weaker side.


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