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Marriage Proposal after Romeo and Juliet Bows!

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My wife and I went to SF Ballet's Romeo and Juliet last night (Saturday, 5/9). The performance was excellent, but the real excitement started after the bows. With the major cast members lined up on the stage, Davit Karapetyan (Romeo) was handed a microphone, and he thanked the audience. Then he turned around, got down on one knee, and handed Vanessa Zahorian (Juliet) a diamond ring and proposed!! The crowd went wild!!


(She appeared to say "Yes".....)


What a buzz from the crowd afterward!

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Aw!!!!! Those are always such fun to see!! :wub:

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I know public displays of this sort of thing are meant to be fashionable -


But suppose she'd said NO?


(What, YOU??!!! Sorry, you completely misunderstood our relationship. I like you just as a friend - what ever made you think I'd accept - that just shows how out of touch you are generally - I've been going out with the 3rd spear-bearer for years/not into that sort of thing, etc, etc, etc).


Or said yes and didn't really mean it - years afterwards in the marriage she'll still be saying, "well, I couldn't really say no in front of all those people".


Romantic, yes, but a good idea? Not so sure, unless it's been prearranged (in which case its just a self-indulgent spectacle).


Signed - Old Cynic (aka "The Realist").

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Aw how sweet!! I love that kind of thing.


jimpickles - it might be something they had already discussed and I'm sure he wouldn't have proposed like that if there was the slightest chance she would say no. My husband and I were talking about marriage (and knew we would get married) about 6 months before we actually got engaged.

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Oh, that is just wonderfully romantic! And what a thrill for the audience! Couldn't be more perfect. I wonder if they will dance together at their wedding reception. I've always wondered if dancers who marry do that. I don't mean just dance like the rest of us non-dancers do. Anyone can do that. I mean REALLY dance. You know, like the rest of us can't!


Thanks for sharing a wonderful story. Love it.

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How lovely. I have seen Davit a lot one stage when he was dancing in Zurich and it is always nice to hear such stories about people you kind of know. That's really sweet. I wish I had been there (finally a nice end for Romeo and Juliet).

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I'm a sucker for the moment when the ballerina takes a flower from her bouquet and presents it graciously to her partner, so this story is perfect for me, although I agree that they had to have decided in advance in principal that they wanted to get married! There are several married couples in our national company - perhaps dancers are the only ones who can understand each other's hectic schedules! Although it's difficult if one is a star and one isn't.


My favourite personal memory is when I had my 21st birthday during a summer season show (one of my ventures away from classical ballet and never to be repeated!). Anyway at the end of the show, the star brought me forward and announced that it was my 21st (in those days it was a big deal!) and the whole audience sang Happy Birthday! I get goosebumps even today thinking about it.......

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BTW, later, my wife noted in hindsight that when they kissed a couple of times during the performance, it wasn't a "stage kiss," but real kissing, so she was already guessing they were a couple....


On the way out, I heard an audience member's astute observation that Davit must have been dancing under more than the usual stress, knowing what he had planned for later!


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I fondly recall Zach Hench of the PA Ballet proposing under the very same circumstances to his (now) wife, Julie Diana.

It doesn't get any better than those circumstances for a super marriage proposal!

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Down to practicalities - Where does a guy hide an engagement ring while he's dancing??

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