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Marriage Proposal after Romeo and Juliet Bows!

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Clink on the link two posts above. It explains how he got the ring after performing and where he hid it. I wish I had been there to see the performance AND the proposal! :)

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I think that it is visible if a couple on stage is also a couple outside in real life. I have seen many couples dance together and dance with other partners and there was always a difference.


And I agree with Hamorah that dancer and dancer can understand each other better than dancer and non-dancer. I had a lot of relationships that ended before they really started because the other person could not understand me and started to moan about my schedule.

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Hmmm I'm not sure about that -- I've seen a lot of dancers together on stage who are AMAZING together... but as far as a I knew, definitely not a couple off stage. (Not that it is any of my business! Heee!)

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Found this link in the comments following Davit's blog posting: someone was able to get some video in the seconds after the proposal....


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for Jimpickles: Actually, that was my first thought as well: Well, it's not like you can really say no... It's very romantic, and I guess the groom kind of has to know she's in to do such a thing, but yeah, definately a risk-factor there :)


Although I do think it was adoreable the way it played out.. :pinch:

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