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If you had a young group of company dancers, such as SCB, would you put them all on the apprentice level track for RDA class purposes, even though they were they also the performing company group? Or would they automatically be placed in the "Company" level track?


There were clearly some apprentices this year that were in the performing company pieces, since there was a page of the schedule just for them, to work their schedules around the tech rehearsal schedule. I don't know if this was the first time the schedule specifically addressed the needs of the performing apprentices, or just the first time that I noticed it. Last year, half of our performers were apprentices and half were Senior Company, and I don't remember the apprentices schedule being adjusted. I think the apprentices just skipped the classes that conflicted with tech rehearsals. This year's setup being all in one place made these adjustments a lot easier. When dancers have to be bussed to different locations, it's a lot more complicated!

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Kathleen Sinclair



In answer to your 2 questions:


I would always track my dancers in the classes I felt were most appropriate for them. So if I had only a company of dancers at the apprentice level, I would ask that they be placed in that track, if the host company was able to make that happen in the schedule.


As for noticing the page in the schedule book, I think this is the first time it has been addressed on paper. In the past, if I have an apprentice that is performing I ask permission for them to do my company's schedule on the day they perform. In that it is maybe only one or two at the most, I haven't found it is a problem for most hosts.


Again please note that any exceptions to festival class scheduling are brought the host company AD well in advance and only happen if the host agrees. And this communication is AD to AD/host; no parent intervention allowed!

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And this communication is AD to AD/host; no parent intervention allowed!


I'm not quite sure what I said in my post that made you think this slap down was necessary, but no, I'm well aware that the only things the parents are allowed to do is PAY!

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Kathleen Sinclair



Because I represent my real self on this board (and don't use an anonymous screen name), I responded to your question with how I would personally deal with assigning class tracks at an RDA festival. And that includes making sure the parameters are clear for my dancers' parents.


No slap down was intended towards you. I apologize. :pinch:

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Does anyone know if they are offering the free kit this year to one volunteer from each company?

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Kathleen Sinclair

Yes, each company gets one free kit and must provide one volunteer for four days, beginning 8am Tuesday morning.

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Last year our company split the free kit among our volunteers so that one person wasn't stuck doing all the volunteering the whole time. (We effectively got a reduced kit fee).

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Any word on the college/summer intensive auditions at this year's festival? Does it feel later this year?

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GTLS Designs

I don't understand the question? The Festival is the same time of year as it was last year.


Just today RDA/P announced which colleges will be attending on Facebook:


University and colleges that will have recruiters at Festival 2014...
Adelphi University
Brigham Young University
Cornish College of the Arts
The Boston Conservatory
The Juilliard School
University of California at Irvine
University of Indiana
University of Southern California: Glorya Kaufman School of Dance
University of South Carolina
University of Utah (Ballet Department)
University of Utah (Modern Department)
Utah Valley University
Western Washington University
Wright State University


I have not seen which SI's will be attending. Regardless of who attends, the scholarships usually apply to the following year. So a scholarship earned in 2104 applies to a SI in 2015. Juniors in high school will get scholarship offers, which they can/cannot apply to their first year of college - that is, if they are accepted into the college through the regular application process. Seniors should hope that they get a scholarship to the college(s) that they've already applied for.

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The SI scholarships are for this coming summer, with the exception of ABT and Ballet West which had options for the summer of '15. In some cases, one has to be already accepted to the SI ie: San Francisco, in order to be considered for scholarship. DD had to turn in a form stating which SI scholarships she was interested in with a signed commitment that, if given a scholarship, she will attend.

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I don't understand the question? The Festival is the same time of year as it was last


Not the festival....notification of scholarship auditions, which we have to send in paperwork in advance for.



I have not seen which SI's will be attending. Regardless of who attends, the scholarships usually apply to the following year. .

In the past, very few have applied to the following year. They have usually been for current year intensives and usually require that the dancer has already been accepted (but not always). That's why we're curious to see the current year crop.

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Cakers, DD received a sign up form with all the SI's attending, in order to do the scholarship audition. There were over 20 SI's listed including PNB, SF Ballet, Ballet Austin, ABT, Alonzo King, CPYB, etc.

I am assuming those are the SI's represented this year?? :nixweiss:



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Kathleen Sinclair

Here is a list of the scholarships available at Festival 2014 for summer dance programs. Note: programs are not obligated to award a scholarship


Summer 2014

­­­Alonzo King LINES Ballet Summer Program Session 1

– already accepted & confirmed attending

Alonzo King LINES Ballet Summer Program Session 2

– already accepted & confirmed attending

American Ballet Theatre 2014

Ballet Arizona

Ballet Austin
Ballet Magnificat!
Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

Cornish College of the Arts: Dance College Preparation Intensive

Joffrey Ballet New York Ballet Intensive

Joffrey Ballet New York Jazz and Contemporary Intensive

­­Joffrey Ballet New York Ballet Young Dancer Intensive

Joffrey Ballet Joffrey West Los Angeles

Kansas City Ballet

Oklahoma City Ballet

Orlando Ballet
Pacific Northwest Ballet – already accepted & confirmed attending

RDA National Choreography Intensive

Sacramento Ballet
San Francisco Ballet – already accepted & confirmed attending
State Street Ballet

USA/IBC Dance School
Utah Regional Ballet


Summer 2015
American Ballet Theatre 2015

Ballet West

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Thanks Kathleen Sinclair, for some reason I can never cut and paste on Ballet Talk.

DD is looking forward to her first Festival!

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GTLS Designs

Thank you Kathleen.


I apologize for the discrepancy in how the scholarships are applied. I had my information from Ballet West - who offers their scholarships for the following year (so I assumed the rest did as well).

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