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Temps de cuisse

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Kathleen Sinclair


Each year we invite all the past colleges/universities to attend but ultimately it is their decision whether to come to the festival and recruit. Every year/festival will be different. Many times a school will only attend if the region brings in and pays for one of their faculty members as a festival teacher. This year's is the Pacific Region's 50th Festival and we are honoring our founding director, Barbara Crockett by bringing dance professionals from all across the country that have a personal tie with her. We have an exciting line up festival faculty this year and I will post once contracts are solidified!

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My daughter just returned from the Pacific Festival. She was ready to quit dance altogether after a very "grey" year, lacking in inspiration and positive support from her teachers. At Festival, she was reminded of how wonderful and rewarding dance can be when you are inspired and asked to dance to the limit of your abilities. Now to find a studio that will offer that to her during the year!


I have been to many festivals and every year, the teachers are fantastic, amazing, and able to touch something in the students. I can not recommend it enough if you are lucky enough to belong to a company that is part of RDA.

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GTLS Designs

I am still recovering from this year's Festival... 50 Year Anniversary of the Pacific Region!!! 2 years ago I was a vendor, and this year my dancers were a "New Company;" I've observered how the region-run-festival has gotten more and more efficient in those 2 years. It is like a well oiled machine now!


The teachers were wonderful, the pianists were wonderful, and the mix of classes was wonderful. I enjoyed that all of the classes were located in the same building, on the same floor, right next to each other. This made observing classes very efficient for anyone who wasn't taking class... and it allowed the dancers to have more downtime between classes (no extra places to walk, just go to the studio next door).


As always, I am so inspired by the performances. Mid-Columbia Ballet's Associate Director, Ashley Walton, has an amazing talent of bring life to inanimate objects while also showing the strengths of their dancers... Their piece, "Focal Point," did not disappoint in this territory; there was a standing ovation!! State Street Ballet Young Dancers piece. "Ah... I See," was brilliantly crafted with a clever selection of music, great use of dancer ability, and just enough humor to keep the audience involved. I also enjoyed the Emerging Piece presented by Imagine Ballet Company, "Innerworks," which had nicely developed movement structure and a clear sense of beginning, middle, and end.


I look forward to next year's Festival in Phoenix, AZ!!

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SCB, well if you enjoy the opportunities provided by RDA, then hopefully you can find another studio that will enable you to continue with that experience while also providing what your DD needs. I have not always been enamored of our studio, but kept DD there because the next nearest RDA company was too far away. I decided that the benefits of belonging to an RDA company outweighed my discontent with our studio.


As to this year's festival, I am for the most part, in agreement with GTLS Designs. I had no trouble picking a favorite piece this year, as Mid Columbia was a standout. My favorite emerging was the lilting Celtic number done by Crockett Deane, but maybe that's because I'm Irish. :) I was, as always, awed by the caliber of the dancers. This year was my seventh straight RDA festival, and very likely my last, as DD is a Senior and is moving on. However, she is going to a college with an RDA company, so you never know!

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Ballet Day

I hope everyone is enjoying the classes at RDA/Pacific so far! Great job to everyone who has performed!

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Temps de cuisse

Just came back from the RDA/P Festival 2016....it was a great week of classes and performances. A couple of highlights for me:


Mads Ericksen - what thoughtful complete classes this young man taught! I was so impressed in his demeanor and his ability to give a COMPLETE class from plies to grand allegro AND get dancers thinking about what he was giving...bravo!


The organization of the Festival - top to bottom this had to have been one of the most efficient festival I have attended. Bravo...RDA/P directors!


The Orpheum Theater - a most gorgeous place to perform and a special kudos to Bill Kickbush (tech director/light design) for running a smooth 4 evenings of dance.


I could list more...and maybe I will when I have time!

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Temps de cuisse

A few more impressions of the RDA/P Festival 2016...


BYU Theatre Ballet did a work "The Gathering" by Duncan Cooper that caught my interest. It needs editing and different costuming but there were sections that were wonderful. I would hope that Mr. Cooper continues to work on this ballet as it has the potential to be something special.


Kudos to Idaho Regional Ballet for their ballet "Waiting Still" by Lauren Edson. It won the RDA National Choreography Recognition Award.


It was heartening to see the recognition of RDA/P company graduating seniors off to colleges and universities to continue their dance journey. RDA/P will be represented well in programs throughout the US including The Boston Conservatory, Butler University and the Glorya Kauffman School of Dance at USC (to name just a few).

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GTLS Designs

It is almost a week later and I still don't think I've fully recovered. In my humble opinion, I think this was the best joint run festival yet (I thought the same last year), and it is almost surprising that it hasn't always been done this way. The dancers in the Pacific Region are so lucky to have such talented Artistic Directors & Teachers who care so much about providing a positive experience for everyone involved.


I agree with Temps de Cuisse's assessment of Mr. Eriksen's classes; over all the years of watching Men's Classes at Festival, I liked his Men's Class the most. I also really enjoyed Lauren Anderson's classes (I think I watched 2 or 3 of her classes). She took no prisoners, but with positive energy, and her body was fantastically in shape (an anatomy lesson in the flesh). I managed to only hear Rob Wood play for one class, but that class was so fun - I don't know if the young dancers even notice how charming his music selections are?!


2 Pieces of choreography stood out within the Festival: Brigham Young's "The Gathering" by Duncan Cooper & Idaho Regional Ballet's "Waiting Still" by Lauren Edson. Both pieces had a wonderful movement vocabulary and showed the strengths of the dancers well. I felt that the pacing and costuming of "The Gathering" needed editing to elevate the piece further. "Waiting Still" won the region's choreography award, and with that said, I didn't feel that all of the music selections were cohesive; the overall piece would have been that much better with a couple different music selections.


In my opinion the knockout performance of the festival went to Ballet Yuma's "Shostakovich Suite" by Jeffrey Gribler. The piece was very 'ballet ballet' with romantic styled tutus, sweet music, and bright lighting. The dancers attacked the material with aplomb and there were a couple applause breaks mid-dance... the main dancer did a manege that flew across the stage and would have made any seasoned professional extremely dizzy, which got "woaws" in additional to applause. I think everyone in the audience held their breath until the piece ended, then they roared when the dancers hit their final pose, and the dancers received the only standing ovation of the entire festival. I tell my dancers often.... THIS is why we go to Festival - these are the moments you will remember for years to come and why ballet can be so exciting.

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