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How do you make time for everything???


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As regards taking college credit or community college courses while in high school, be sure to check how that works in your state. In ours, yes, it is possible, BUT the course cannot be usd for BOTH the high school required hours and for college credit. It is one or the other, so I don't think the scenario presented above (i.e., taking cc courses junior and senior years of high school and graduating with both HS diploma and A.A.) would be possible in our State without quite a bit of extra classes.


What CAN be done is to take the college or community college courses as extra electives over and beyond the number needed for the high school dilpoma and transfer those for actual college credit (assuming your chosen college will accept them).


So, as with so many other educational issues we discuss on BT4D, it appears 'your mileage may differ' depending on which State and which colleges are involved.

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Our dd is in sort of the opposite position - having attended rigorous private school thru this year (she is a soph for about another week :rolleyes: )she wants to homeschool as the juggling of rigorous academics and dance schedule is just too hard on her sanity and physical well being. We will enroll her in an online high school and while she will take a reduced load (4 courses instead of 5 or 6) they will be the challenging ones she is interested in and she will still graduate on time. The APs & Honors classes this year have just been brutal, and even with a very supportive school, the pressure she puts on herself was too much. With a whole year and flexible schedule to complete her Junior year, even with 2 APs and 2 honors classes, she feels as if she can manage her time more wisely & sanely - she'll be able to get up later, save the driving time and can, we hope, come home after dance each night and just go to sleep rather than still have HW every night to work on.


Its so true that each individual will feel differently - when i asked her repeatedly if she would miss the social activities, school dances, games, and the interaction during the school day - she replied, no way - not if it means I can dance more. Of course she is not as socially driven as her sister, and has already had 2 years of fairly regular hs under her belt. In some ways she hopes to have more time to socialize since she won't have to spend every waking moment on HW and getting ahead. So we will see.


Most of the dancers we know have pretty much each taken a different pathway to get to where they are now - top level of a prepro school - public school, private, homeschooled, "hybrids", dual enrollment - and most also each have different post high school goals. Still, at our small prepro school - almost all of the girls hoping for a shot at a professional career are now doing some combo of homeschooling, online, and homeschoolers academies. Half the boys are in public school while the other half are also homeschooled. Can't read too much into this though with a sample size of ... well, about 12.


Dancemaven brings up a good point about how college credits will count and transfer...we discovered in our area that the dual enrollment option was not ideal since the college credits would not transfer out of the state.


Best of luck in making your decision - I have taken great hope in the realization that there are indeed may different ways to think outside this box!

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Let me first start with this for ALL of us that are contributing to this topic. :):clapping::clapping: Why?? Because we all have one thing in common, our committment to our dancing kids, our families, and the support we give in so many ways to allow them to pursue their dreams.


I am coming from the 'been there done that' category and I would like to share my thoughts as well. I will try to be brief, and we will see how that goes!


Long story made short is that for all of us we need to start from the beginning and ask our kids...is this really what YOU want, and if it is we are there 150% for them. At anytime if they start realizing that the 'schedule' has crossed the line for them ... and they are stressed out and not fulfilled and happy, maybe it is time to re evaluate the situation and make some adjustments to make sure this is the best path for them. Just a thought...


In my dd's case she never had any doubts, and in her heart she knew that she had only one purpose in life, and that was to dance. Many kids share this same dream and the road can be very long and hard, and filled with things that they will need to 'give up' along the way because of the committment dance requires. In her case it has all been worth it, and she has been very blessed.


In her situation she is finishing HS online and this is her Senior year, and she has been online for 2 years. It was the ONLY choice for her and it was the right choice. There were no other options because her dancing schedule started around 9-10 am and went until around 2-3pm. When she has rehearsals she could be there until 7-8pm, and performances could keep her there until 10:30-11:00pm. She is with a major Company and she was blessed with a lot of stage opportunities these past 2 years.


When she was in traditional HS I worked very hard to get most of her PE requirement filled by dance. It is ridiculous how they can look at a lot of the kids in PE that are NOT in good physical shape, eating all kinds of junk food etc and yet they 'meet the requirement' on paper, and yet our dancers do not fall into that category. In my dd's case PE was actually bad for her with the running (Lots of natural turnout) and it HURT her to run, and play basketball etc...


It also depends on what your dancer wants to do after HS. Do they want a performing career or would they prefer to attend a 4yr and minor in dance and major in something more academic? All of these things factor in when asking ourselves and our dancing kids it is all worth it, and how do we make time for everything?


It is all about choices, and at times there are no clear answers. THe one thing I told my dd to always make sure that she is happy & fulfilled and loving every minute of her journey. If the answer is yes...then all the kids of the parents on here are very lucky. They have the opportunity to live their passion and dreams to see where their journey takes them in life. :flowers:

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I have home schooled my dancing DD since 4th grade for academic reasons and not dance reasons (so far). However, it sure has helped with the dance schedule! She will be entering HS in the fall and we decided on the reduced HS schedule at the wonderful public HS. She will take three classes as a freshman: honors English, sophomore biology and sophomore geometry (I hope these don't kill her, but I think she needs them). Her home school (on-line school) program is about a year ahead of the public school, so these should fit well. She will complete her other credits through her on-line school or home school. We are pursuing this plan due to academics and her dance schedule.


We are in the same boat here with dual enrollment credits that do not transfer out-of-state. It would be better for her to just enroll at the community college when she is a bit older, receive full college credit for the course, and then be able to transfer the credit to more institutions.


Good luck to you all at this crazy time! I have been mapping this one out since 7th grade!

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Thank you, everyone, for the wealth of information! It is exactly what I needed. We visited our local public HS yesterday and met with dd's would-be guidance counselor. She was very nice and at least at first glance seems to be supportive of dd's goals. She understood that PE would be an issue as would time for homework. She offered an option which I thought at the time would be great. DD could take health online and a PE course at the community college over the summer freeing up a period for study hall during the year as well as allowing dd to choose something that will not conflict physically with her ballet training. Sounded like a good option until I realized that every PE course the college offers, either in the summer or during the year conflicts with a ballet class. We did figure out one class but it would require her to miss her one dedicated point class for an entire semester which our AD pointed out would be SO ridiculous (lol - she said tape the 3 hours of ballet class and then the little CC yoga class and make them compare!). AD said that we should really FIGHT for dd's ballet classes to count. I had asked if they offer independant study and while they used to, it was discontinued due to abuse. The ADs said that dd really should avoid any thing high impact (running, jumping, aerobics, tennis, etc) due to her past issues with her hips, knees and shin splints. She said dd could do swimming, pilates and table tennis - lol. The school counselor did say that if dd wanted to take PE we could look at how we could modify it for her...I am wondering if we get a drs note that pretty much says she can't do anything maybe they will cave and let us do the IS? I don't know. The counselor seemed really nice and helpful - I hate to have to rock the boat before dd even gets there, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do I guess. So, looks like I will be going to the mat on this one.


The bigger picture though? DD is SO excited now that we have gone and visited the school. She would start today if they would let her. So it does look like we are going to try this path next year. AD is supportive of her going to public school. Believes it will add to her experience base I think. And I think if dd really wants it, and now after meeting her counselor who she will have to support her, I think she will find a way to make it work.


I will keep you guys updated! Thanks again.

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This is the same situation dd had when she started high school. It was wonderful! She got to experience a traditional high school life. Her school granted her the PE Credit for ballet and she took BYU's health online. In middle school, we did get a doctor's note stating the only types of exercise acceptable and because the school could not provide them, they allowed dd to miss PE completely. I too, would push for acceptance of ballet as high level athletic training. Our school had already accepted this for ice skaters so it wasn't such a leap for them. You might want to ask to see if any other kids are training at "olympic levels" and if they are given credit at school for this.

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My DD's high school would not give PE credit for ballet, but with a doctor's note she was exempted from the activities I thought were not so good for dancers, with the exception of having to run a mile once a year, which was no big deal. Primarily they play very slow and introductory levels of volleyball, tennis, running, swimming, soccer and baseball. Levels of effort by students in a high school PE class are VERY variable, so I think even a caution to your child to "take it easy" would be enough to protect her. And with the Presidential Fitness testing annually my scrawny child loved stomping the stuffing out of the school athletes.

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I would encourage you to visit your State Department of Education website before you set up your next meeting with the school. After getting nowhere with our school principal at the beginning of this school year, I thoroughly read our State Department's website and also called and talked with them. They supplied me a number of different approaches to explore with our school district, as well as the names of other school districts in the state that had made these special situations work for their students. Her AD wrote a strong letter of support which I took to the meetings as well. I think it is also important to remind administrators that this will be a "win-win" for everyone involved. The student will get to pursue their area of talent, and the community and school district will have disciplined and talented individuals who can and will give back to their school and community through performances/talks/demonstrations, etc. I went through the "chain of command": principal, curriculum director, and ultimately ended up meeting with the superintendent where I finally got the response I wanted. As I mentioned in an earlier post, our DD now takes ballet as an independent study course through the gifted and talented program. Keep in mind that a student can qualify for the program (at least in our state) by excelling academically (IQ test) and/or displaying a "gift" in a certain area (ballet, gymnastics, tennis, music, etc). I would think one could also use this to serve as PE credit.


In our situation, the principal, who was once so adamantly opposed to the idea, ended up attending DD's final performance last weekend (a one and a half drive one way!). She was extremely impressed with the performance and even brought our DD a dozen roses! She stated that she now sees the difference between what our DD is doing at her pre-professional school and an extracurricular school activity. Good Luck!

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Regarding PE, BYU also offers an on-line PE course (Fitness for Life) which meets our state's requirements for one of the 3 required semesters of PE. There is some theory (with on-line quizzes and a proctored final exam) but the bulk of it is picking one area to work on (strength, flexibility, or cardio) and they have to keep a log of activities that has to be signed by their parent.


Our daughter took swimming and life-guarding for her other 2 required semesters which worked our really well for her because it was totally non-impact. She had surgery over spring break; while her surgeon excused her from PE for the remainder of the semester, she is able to use the pool time to do her "on-her-own" pool therapy exercises and build up some cardiovascular endurance.


Independent studies was also an option to fulfill 1 (but only 1) of the 3 semesters but she thought swimming would work better for her.

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