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How to Stay in Shape While Not Dancing?


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I just had a minor surgery on my foot to remove some warts. I was only supposed to be off from dancing for a few days, but now it is infected and I am not expected to be able to dance for another week or longer. I cannot put weight on my foot. But, I have a show coming up very soon. I will not be able to dance in rehersals this week. I need some advice on how I can stay in shape so that when I return to ballet I will not be too out of shape. I am 14 years old, and currently I dance about 15-20 hours every week.

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, dancer325. :ermm: I moved your post to the Young Dancer forum because I think this question can be handled by our Teacher Moderators.


Your best bet for this week is floor exercises, and, if you can, Pilates. Have you ever had any floor barre exercises? They would be good too, but you have to be taught how to do them. The same goes for Pilates. If you can't do either one, just do whatever you can on the floor. You can work on your feet, rotation, and stretching without being weight-bearing. :)

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Thanks! I can definately do Pilates, I will just have to skip the exercises that require putting weight on one foot. I have had a little experience with floor barre exercises, so I think I will try that also. Your ideas are a great help! Thanks so much! :)

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