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Hi, I'm 14 years old, in year 10 at school and I joined a teen begginers ballet class about a year ago. In September I am moving to a graded class (I will be 15) and i will do Grade 4, Grade 5 and Pointe at the same time. It has always been my aim to attend a dance college when I leave school. I just read on an application form that you must be at Intermediate level in ballet to even audition! I am wondering if I will be good enough for that by the time I'm leaving school in just over a year. Although I had a late start at ballet (13 years old) is there any chance I will become good enough to pursue a career in dance or should I give up now? Thanks x

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, lakotaaa. :wink:


There is always a chance, however we cannot help you with knowing how good a chance without being able to see you. We also are not able to see your training. However, the only way to ever know is to go for it, especially if you have the encouragement of your teachers and the support of your family. :bash:

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Just remembered the rules saying we're not meant to advise other dancers, so...


In my personal experience, it always seems to be better to stay in some form of education. There's always the EMA. And no, David Cameron is not taking it away. If you're not traditionally academic then there are still things you can do. BTECs in performing arts, for example.

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I understand how you may find it tricky to figure out, but giving up on your goal is never the way. Talk to your instructor about moving up to intermediate, but... in this case, what do you think? Do you REALLY want to give up? I didn't think so.

Always hear to help,


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