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Guest haylee

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Guest haylee

when in first and second my turn out is perfect but as soon as i go to 3rd, 4th and 5th then it goes esp when dancing in the centre. How can I change this.


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How can anyone's turnout be perfect in first and then disappear in third? Aren't the positions of the hips and legs so similar that if you got turnout in first, you should also have it in third (and fifth, probably, too)?


(I understand completely the problem of losing turnout once you start to actually do something and not just stand there, though. If there is an answer to how to better this, other than just do it a qazillion times until your muscles get stronger, I could use it too. ;))

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Sounds to me like "false turnout". You may be over-reliant on the barre to give you support in first and second, then, when it's gone, your body asserts its customary non-dancing placement, and it's gone!


Lift up out of the hips and try to feel as if you're dancing above the joints, rather than with them. This lifting up becomes more pronounced as you plié - sort of a "lift up to go down". Support your turnout not only with the muscles in the back of the leg and thighs, but also by using the abdominal muscles to keep everything in place. Lessen the amount that you turn out the feet, and find out whether or not you're rolling onto the insides of the foot. If so, work with less turnout until you've developed better rotation from the hip, then proceed from there.

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