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I don't know what to do


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I'm starting ballet soon (don't know when, a couple of months, maybe September) and my mum asked around, and found this place nearby.

But the thing is, I've been on their website...and it doesn't look very 'serious'. There's only a couple of ballet classes a week, so I have a bad feeling that I won't be learning ballet properly. :D

I'd really like to be able to dance- I don't want to make it into a career, but I'd love to have the ability, and I want to learn the right way.

I'm 13 and I've never taken dance before.


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Elisaveta, why don't you try looking around yourself for a school? You can Google all the schools in your area and check them out on line. Then make a list, including the one your Mum has chosen, and visit them. Watch a class, meet the director, and discuss what kind of a program they would have for you. :D

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Just received the following pm from a poster who is located in the UK:


Since Elisaveta is from the UK I thought I might be able to help a bit. Without trying to give too much advice, often in the UK it is hard to find 'good' local dance schools, and I know that personally what worked for me was to take classes at my local school and do as much as possible there, and when I felt I had gotten to the 'end of the road' with that particular dance school I started looking at possible other options.


My reasoning behind this was that the local studio gave me the basics of ballet, was close to home and therefore cost less, both financially and parental effort, when my parents realised how serious I was about dance, even just as a hobby, they were more willing to support me in looking for a studio further afield. I just thought I'd share as just from being on this forum I have noticed there is a definate difference between dance training in the UK and US, not just quality but choice available in different areas


Bottom line is- do your homework and visit each school as Miss Leigh has already advised you!

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