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I realize I posted on a thread that pertained to the 2009 RDA, so I am re-posting, if that's okay.


I am under the imression that scholarships for SIs are for 2011. Is that generally correct, except for a few?


Also, could anyone explain what goes on in an Honors class? Are they every day or is there just one during the festival? Do those attending still take the regular classes, in addition to this class, or as a substitute for one in the schedule? Who teaches the class? Thanks!

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The best place to get your scholarship questions answered is your company director. If they are unsure, they can get the information from the scholarship chairman for your region. In the Pacific, all scholarships given at Festival are for that summer. None are delayed to the next year. Other regions may differ.


Again, Honors class is set up differently in each region. In the Pacific region, each member company can have 2 dancers represent their company. Our adjudicator chooses one dancer from a short list provided by the artistic director and the AD chooses one; or if the AD wishes the adjudicator chooses both. It is a regular ballet classes scheduled once at Festival and taught by the adjudicator. Usually the class does not conflict with their other classes but depending on the host company and logistics of the Festival this is not always the case.

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Thank you. So, it is your understanding that the adjudicator from our region would be teaching the class at the festival? Is this class just a more challenging class for the benefit of those students or does it also relate to the scholarship classes in any way? I was just wondering because my dd is participating in both.

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Ms. Sinclair,


Is it true that the adjudicator for the Pacific region chose 'up and coming dancers' for the Honors class this year? When the AD announced the dancers for DD's company, everyone was surprised (even the two chosen). My DD didn't expect to go, but there was common agreement among the girls that the two chosen were not the company's best dancers.

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, everyone was surprised (even the two chosen).


No surprises in our company.

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I do not know the specifics of your region but in the Pacific, the honor class has no relation to the scholarship audition classes. And the class is taught in the manner the teacher (again in the Pacific it is the adjudicator) sees fit.



There was no indication that the Pacific adjudicator chose "up and coming dancers". He chose those he felt worthy of the level of dancer he thought belonged in the honors class. Also, I am sure there were some dancers chosen by their artistic director as that is an option in our region.

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