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It seems sometime in the 2-3 weeks before a production, DD starts talking about not wanting to do the next show. I thought it wasn't going to happen this season but it came up last night. DD was saying she didn't think she wanted to do Nut, that she gets tired. Every season, by the time the next production rolls around, she's as excited as ever and can't imagine not doing it. ;) But every 6 months or so I can't help but wonder if one of these times, it isn't going to be the fatigue talking but if she'll actually choose not to participate. So far it has been the fatigue only, and each time we let her know that she has to finish out her commitment to this show, but that she can sit out the next one or even drop ballet completely if that's what she wants. So far she hasn't taken us up on either offer.


Guess I was just wanting to share, see if anyone else's kids express anything similar. Once she's in the theater she seems to be in heaven, and she seems to love ballet and being a dancer.

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I think it's quite normal for children to 'go off' dancing for a while leading up to exams and shows. As well as the fatigue she will probably be stressing a bit about it and her teachers might also be a bit stressed and more demanding than usual. Most stick with it afterwards but there are always a few who drop dancing.


You're totally doing the right thing making sure she follows through with her commitment, I loathe nothing more than parents pulling their child out of a show a week (or on one occasion a day) before a show because she's finding it a bit much or isn't enjoying it or any other reason. At that late stage it just lets other people down and you might as well finish it off then because the chances are it will be a fabulous experience in the end if a bit tiring and stressful in the very late stages.

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I work the studio desk and for about the last month a handful of parents want to discuss dancers who are tired of doing it and aren't coming back next year. Having been the desk worker for a good number of years, I've come to expect this. I just am sometimes surprised at who it is but not that it happens. It's perfectly normal. I listen, encourage a bit but know that the vast majority I will see walk through the door at the start of the next year. We even call it "end of the year blues". Sometimes it truly is that a student is tired of it and wants to try something new. But many, many times it is just that the month of May is so horrendous in terms of having something to do everyday for someone, that they are just burned out. Not just on dance, but on everything that is happening all at once it seems.


As a parent, I encourage you to just tell her to take some time to think about it and you'll support whatever she decides. She then has the freedom to explore whether it was the "end of the year blues" or an "ending point" and work it out accordingly.

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Oops! A non-parent wandered in by mistake. "Knock, knocks" are no longer permissable. :thumbsup:

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My DD does the same thing. I think it mostly has to do with the fatigue factor, especially this year because we have some personal family issues going on as well, but also the timing of performances. Nutcracker is always at Christmas and spring performances are always at the end of May - times when we are also busy with school activities, church programs, parties, etc. After things calm down, DD is always ready to dance again!

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I think too with so many end of the year things going on at school - dances, programs/recitals, end of the year parties and picnics - often the ballet set has to miss a lot of those functions. It is hard for these dancing kids to keep working hard, attending classes and rehersals while most of their friends are off playing and celebrating. Many will also scramble to get ready to race off to a summer intensive when non-dancing friends are looking forward to sleeping in and some lazy summer days.

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I figured my DD wasn't the only who went through these phases. There is so much that happens in May/June. I know I feel tired! Thanks for the suggestions and all. :D

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I know at this time of year it also seems that the teachers/director are stressed while trying to wind up the school year prepare the recital pieces and plan for summer classes and even the fall lineup. It's a busy time for everyone which makes everyone more short tempered and there just seems to be a lot of drama at a time when everyone is already tired and oversensitive. Keep the chocolate handy!

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Just the other day she commented that there's no way she'd ever quit ballet. Another comment slipped out that she's growing her hair out for Nutcracker. So I guess it really is a day to day thing we're dealing with here. ;)

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After recital DD claimed that she was going to take a break from dance and just spend the summer swimming and maybe take some guitar lessons. It's been about two weeks and she is already lamenting that it will be another week or so until summer dance classes start. So much for that summer-long "break". Yes, dancingjet, that phrases is usually temporary!

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