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Change of outlook

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I guess this is a situation that many dancers find themselves in when deciding whether a career as a professional dancer is an option, or not, but up until recently I have never considered it an option for me.


I have always been told by teachers and even parents of other dancers what a shame it is that I don't have the 'body' for being a ballet dancer as I have the technique and artistry for it. I guess I always just took on what they said and continued to dance just because life without ballet did not seem like an option, I have started my teacher training and recieved the highest mark ever awarded in NZ for IDTA pre-associate one - which was exciting!


I have still continued to have a reasonably busy dance schedule but I think it is more of a 'serious but recreational dancer'. I have 2x90 min technique classes on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays. 2x body conditioning classes per week, 3x 60min pointe classes a week as well as a modern and repotoire class. Tonight I took an extra open class and afterwards one of my tutors pulled me aside to talk to me. He said that body is starting to look really nice and that my technique is going from strength to strength and I should consider joining the pre-professional full-time programme.


I was just wondering if it is too late for me to consider taking this path? I am 19 and have been dancing for 15 years, nothing makes me as happy as working in class, improving my technique, and of course performing. I have been working on my body but in a healthy way, I have lost x pounds and have become much leaner and toned.


Any thoughts, or advice from someone who has been in the same situation would be much appreciated!€

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jaal, since advice can only be given by our Teacher Moderators here on the YD forums, I'm not sure that you will find anyone who has had the same situation. However, I think we can all appreciate the situation, and hopefully be able to help.


First let me offer congratulations on getting to this point where the teacher is recognizing your potential. That is very good news. :clapping:


Now, what do you do with that news? Well, here is my opinion. You really want to be a teacher, which is wonderful! But if you have the opportunity to perform professionally first, that would be a great thing for you to do! It would be very fulfilling for you, and hopefully very enjoyable, and, it would provide the experience that can take you to higher levels as a teacher. You would have just that much more to offer to your students.


And no, 19 is not too old, not with the amount of training you have. You will never know if you don't go for it. Even if you do not make it to a professional company, you will come that much closer and have a lot more experience to bring to your teaching.

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