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Jubilant June!


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Ummm I'm newbie here. June thread?

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Not quite sure to be jubilant, but I got guilted into taking a modern class along with all the other stuff I'm taking. So that is now five classes in four days. We'll see how this goes.

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Ummm I'm newbie here. June thread?



GBurk, Welcome to BT4D. Hope you find useful information here for your dancing children.


This is the Adult Dance students' section of the board, and we generally have a thread each month for celebrations, and another for commiserations, in our dance studies. A virtual changing room at the virtual studio!

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I went to class again on Wednesday, after a week of no ballet. I was hesitating to go, because I thought it wouldn't go well because it had been so long, and I would feel bad afterwards. Glad I did go, after all. :unsure: The wednesday class is the adult re-beginners class, and it was really back to basics this week.

The turning combiation was just 8 consecutive tours piqués, which is what I was hoping for, because my turns were off the classes before, and my alignment was well.. not so good.

We did it a lot of times, first on a very slow piece of music, but that meant I could really concentrate on everything and it went well! Even the teacher said I was doing well :blink: After that we did it again on a faster piece (not really fast, in fact just a normal tempo), and it went well again, it was easier because you don't have to hold your balance as long.


And now my university exams are coming up, I do hope I can make it to class some time (class ends two weeks from now) but I'm afraid I won't be able to. My exams are just a bit more important right now..

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I'm happy I was able to make a contribution to a class recital piece in a class that I take but don't do the performance. It made that section look so much cleaner and my teacher was thrilled with the result. Same teacher, on seeing my bare feet (I wasn't taking class but just watching since they weren't doing any tech work), exclaimed, "My! You really do have dancer's feet! Look at those muscles!" :-)


And my pointe work is about 75% back to where it was before I tried to switch shoes. Confidence is returning, as well. Whew! It was scary for a while. I have a difficult pointe piece to do in about 3 weeks so I really NEED to be "normal" again!


It was a good week, all in all.

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I had a couple of really good clases this week... grand allegro in my Wednesday class was lots of fun. Grand allegro can be my favourite bit of class - I enjoy the opportunity to unleash and get the blood pumping for 10 minutes at the end of class! - but occasionally the steps are a little bit complex or I'm intimidated if there are any turns, and that kind of spoils it for me. However, on Wednesday it was a little combination of a gallop-retire-hop-gallop-retire-hop-tonleve-retire-hop-tonleve-retire-hop (probably all the wrong terminology, sorry!) & repeat, diagonally across the room. I felt I got it immediately after the teacher's very first demonstration, and was able to just enjoy the sensation of sailing through the air like a "real" dancer... :blink:


And yesterday's class was also great for two reasons: 1) there's definitely an improvement in my half/full pirouette turns. One of my teachers has given me a really useful correction about my shoulders and arms and now I focus on keeping them right down both in the preparation & turn, it's really helping. (I carry a lot of tension on my shoulders and they tend to creep up & bring my arms up with them, if I don't concentrate on keeping them down!) My teacher last night even noticed & commented my pirouette is getting there... and I was even *kind of* spotting, too!


- and second reason 2) my teacher yesterday asked me to come to the front and demonstrate something, for the first time - it made me a little bit nervous :wub: but also rather proud. He occasionally gets on of his more experienced regular students to demonstrate for the class a particular move they can do quite well. This was petit allegro, he gave a combination of 4 changements, echappe ~hold~ and close to fifth. Simple, but you needed to be right on the music. I tried it out right after he gave the combination and I guess I nailed it because he immediately said "yes, perfect, please come and demonstrate for the class" :unsure:

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I had a lovely class this morning. One of my favourite teachers, who sets a very advanced class, but keeps it musical and very danceable. I don't deserve to have had a good class, mind you -- on only 4 hours' sleep and no classes for about 5 days beforehand. But it's very hot here (a rarity in England) and I'm a morning person, so it was all very relaxed and just flowed.

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I just ordered my first leotard online! Now it's just hoping that the size will be right. And that it arrives before my dance camp. :wink:

But that starts on the 3rd of July, so I'm quite confident it will get here in time.


Later tonight or tomorrow I'm going to ask my brother or sister to take some pointe pictures for me, I'm going to ask some advice on BT4D :ermm:

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Some nice balances and pirouettes today -- and the teachers we've had this week have done some lovely petite allegro. Petite allegro used to be my forte but I feel like I don't do enough of it anymore... so I'm always excited for the chance to work on it.

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I'm starting to do doubles you guys! The other day in class, the teacher incorporated some into a pirouette exercise and although I didn't spot, I managed to get the double turn! To both sides! Still, this was the first time I even had the guts to attempt them in class. My teacher was smiling from ear to ear! Now I have been practicing at home to get the hang of the spotting and it's coming along really well to both sides! I think I'm going to try them next technique class even if she doesn't ask! :ermm:

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Adding on to the pirouette theme, I finally did a few clean pirouettes en pointe to the left yesterday. I still can't quite get them to the right, but I'm working on it! :thumbsup:

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OK I get it now, something good that happened.


A little role reversal last week with my daughter and myself. After quitting a little over 25 years ago I've been taking regular classes at a local studio that offers open classes a couple of times a week.


This last Saturday I’m finishing up a couple of chores in the kitchen when I hear “Aren’t you supposed to be getting ready for class”? Like I haven't uttered those words more than a few times in a daughters career.


To my horror the first words out of my mouth were “I still have five minutes before I need to leave”. Which is the reply I always get from her when I ask about getting ready for class.

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A few weeks ago, I felt like a disaster in class. I couldn't balance, stay on my legs, get around once let alone twice in my pirouettes, and on and on. I've noticed before that I tend to feel completely out-of-sorts before I notice substantial improvement, and I'm happy to report that it seems to have happened again.


I had a great class tonight. I felt like I really looked the part at the barre, and things were actually working the way they're supposed to -- including double pirouettes en pointe to both sides... Since when can I do that?


Bonus: The pointe shoes I'm in now, which I thought might be starting to give out, appear to still have some life in them yet.

Extra bonus: I experimented with a slightly modified padding configuration than usual, and it worked beautifully. (I've been using Bunheads' Big Tips stuffed with litte tufts of lambswool on my big toes and a bit of lambswool around my baby toes. Instead of the lambswool on my baby toes, I slid the excess material from the Big Tips -- a ring I'd cut from each one to make them the right length -- around my two smallest toes together. It didn't shift around as I pulled my shoes on. And, so comfy!)

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Guest Matti18

So, not as impressive as doubles en pointe, but still.....did lots of good pose turns on both sides in intermediate yesterday, and pointe work was fab in my new grishkos :lol: May was a bit of a down month, no motivation feeling rubbish, but June seems to have got off to a good start B)

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