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Second position ,HELP!!!!!!!!!&#33


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Hi. I have been having a terrible time with second position. I cannot lift it 90 degrees off the ground, and I have terrible turnout in second. Any advice or exercises I could do to get a perfect second, get it up to 90 degrees, and seriously increase my turnout?? Thank you!!!!!!!! :unsure:

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Caretodance, from your introduction and other posts I learned that you have just returned to ballet after a 4 year absence. It is great that you have started again, but, unfortunately, those years between 13-17 are very critical years in the training of a dancer. You cannot expect to have everything just be there after that long a time off. Ballet is a long, slow process and there are no shortcuts or instant fixes. Really good training, along with several hours a day and a great work ethic can accomplish a lot, but it just doesn't happen overnight!


Increasing your rotation and extension comes from correct alignment, balance point, strength, and the knowledge of HOW to work on these things. Before I go any further, I would like to know more about your training schedule. How long have you been back in classes since starting back? What level are you in? How many classes a week and how long are the classes? How long were you back in classes before starting pointe? Do you have separate pointe classes? Do you have conditioning or Pilates type classes? Knowing these things will help us to help you a bit more. :unsure:


[Please check your post above for the edits I made. We ask our young dancers to please try to write correctly and not use "text message typing" on the board. Thank you!]

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Thank you for answering me back, I do understand that my absence from dance in the years that it was probably most needed has greatly affected my turnout and flexibility, though I do not like to focus on what was, and would like to look at my dancing now, and how I can get that turnout back, I believe that it can be obtained and I would like to get it back as quickly as possible. when I first came back to classes from my absence I was dancing every day, minus Sunday and Friday. Now,because of the increased cost of the classes I am only able to dance two times a week. I am at the highest level there is at my local studio, and I do have a separate pointe class. I started back to dance last august and have been going since. We do not have a pilates class at our studio, though I will be taking our summer intensive that does include a pilaties class, and I will be dancing, I believe, four to five days a week. I hope that answers your questions and that you will be able to give me further advice on how to improve my second position, and turnout. Thank you

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