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Guest BattementCloche

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Guest BattementCloche

I'd like to know about the Royal Winnepeg Ballet. I'm trying to find out about as many Canadian ballet companies as I can- I'm hoping to get into one sometime soon. Does anyone have any information about this? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!!!!!:D

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Guest gwschloss

I did an entire project, and 6 page essay on the Royal winnipeg Ballet last year, what do you want to know? It's the oldest ballet company in Canada. I've also been to the school 4 times. Just ask away Battement Cloche!



If you're trying to find out about ballet companies in Canada, there's also


Alberta Ballet www.albertaballet.com

Ballet BC www.balletbc.com

National Ballet of Canada (there's a forum about NBoC in international companies) www.national.ballet.ca

Les Grands Ballet du Canadiens


If I think up any other ones, I'll write em.

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Guest BattementCloche

I'm sorry, I completely forgot that I'd posted this - I couldn't go on for about 4 months, and when I came back... memory lapse!


I was wondering, what is the training program there like? How many classical ballet classes a day do they have? What about their academic program? Do you have to take other dance forms as well (modern, jazz, etc.)? Do they board at the school, or in boarding houses in the city? What notables graduated from this school?


I am probably boring :o you, so I shall stop there! (For now...;))


Thank you in advance!:)

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I will attempt to answer some of your questions, but am by no means the expert. (By the way, I've actually been to Kemptville a number of times, how's that for coincidence?)


In the rwb training program, the number of classes/day depends on your level. There would be at least one ballet class/day for 6 days a week, other classes are added as required by the level. Moderne is part of the program, but it's called something else for the younger students. I'm not so sure about jazz.


There is a residence for out-of town students. I imagine some older students might live in their own apartments, not sure what the age requirements are there.


As far as notable graduates, well...of course there's Evelyn Hart. Many graduates go on to professional dance careers...you might want to contact the school about that.


There was an excellent article in today's Globe and Mail about a young man who has graduated from the school...he was actually from the Ottawa area initially.


Hope this is helpful.

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Post above made with permission of moderator, as it contains helpful information not available to us.

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