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doubling up on technique classes in one day


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Is it OK for a 14 year old to take two ballet technique classes, one right after another, on the same day? In order to get in modern and jazz classes weekly, my dd may be on a Mon/Wed/Fri ballet technique schedule. On either Monday or Wednesday she could take a lower level ballet technique from 4-5:30PM and then take her regular higher level ballet technique from 5:30-7:30 which includes pointe work. What do you all think of doing this in order to get in 4 ballet classes per week? Thanks for your help.

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It depends on her goals, dascmom. If she is aiming for a career in ballet, she needs daily ballet technique classes and several pointe classes per week. Jazz and modern are also very good. Doubling up is not as good as daily classes.

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Back to back technique classes are not a good idea. At age 14 it's really not a good idea. I've seen so many of DD's friends have fatique issues during that 13-15 age. That age body is going through so much, hip strains are very common.

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Thanks for the replies. DD would really like to have a career in dance, she prefers performing modern/contemporary to classical ballet, but she knows that all dance is rooted in ballet technique.

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