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Hi all,

It's my first post on Ballet talk and i just wondered if you could give me some advice?

I'm going to be auditioning for full time dance training later in the year and some of the colleges require you to perform a solo. I was thinking about doing a ballet or lyrical style of dance. I'm currently in intermediate (RAD) ballet and have lessons four times a week but i'm unsure if i should do my dance on pointe or not? If i did a more contempoary ballet solo would it look odd on pointe or if i was going to have a more contemporary ballet piece would it be better in soft shoes?

Thank you

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Hello Laura, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers!!! :thumbsup:


For contemporary, I am going to assume you mean dance in the style of Martha Graham. That would be best danced barefoot! I think you should do a solo that fits their requirements, and shows you off to the best of your abilities. :nixweiss:

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